What to Expect During Your First 30 Days as a DonorSearch Client

If you’re a Costco member, you may know this retailer giant’s many customers can effectively be described as kind of a massive fan club. What inspires such supreme devotion—to the degree that there is now a whole universe of social media accounts tracking the latest Costco deals? The answer is simple: Unmatched customer service.

Costco is famous for its customer-friendly return policies and knowledgeable employees that are happy to work there. The big box retailer is also beloved for massive product portions at low prices, to be sure. But what really keeps its customers coming back is its legendary customer relations.

DonorSearch brings the same commitment level to customer service, but to the non-profit economy. The needs of clients are universal. Whether consumer, corporate, or nonprofit, every organization deserves partners that are responsive, quick to offer effective solutions, and not merely focused on new customer acquisition.

Our dedication to world-class customer service begins the second your organization joins the DonorSearch family. Now, we’ve all had experiences with vendors who promise support—only to fade away into the background once a contract gets signed. But DonorSearch works in quite the opposite manner. When you become our client, you’re introduced to our client success team, which we feel is a more apt moniker for what our organization does daily.

Let’s have Roland Palmer, Director of Engagement & Operations at Champlain College, explain the DonorSearch difference from the client perspective: “DonorSearch is very different from other companies that I’ve partnered with. They have an amazing Client Success team. Right from the get-go, we were assigned a person on the team that trained us on the platform, made sure that we understood how the platform worked, and for some companies, that’s kind of it—you go through the initial training and then you are on your own. That is not the case with DonorSearch. The client success team reaches out to us constantly to say, ‘How are things going? Are there any questions that you have? Do you need any help analyzing anything that we sent you?’ So when we were running out of what we call the ‘low hanging fruit’ and started to get into a deeper level, that team—our team—was right there to help us and say, ‘Hey, you might want to take a look at this score or this insight that we’ve provided.’”

DonorSearch Executive Vice President and Co-Owner Sarah TeDesco is a huge proponent of giving these types of positive experiences to clients. Among other benefits, it distinguishes our organization from competitors. As she explains, “Our client success team is the human link between our clients and the power of AI. We started DonorSearch as a family business, and as we’ve grown, we have maintained this same grounded family approach. Our employees are like family members, and they bring the same feeling to every client they partner with. In fact, a video introducing the client success team demonstrates the passion they bring to our clients. Our own Cecelia Poplin, VP of Client Success, has said: ‘We are there to help our clients be as successful as possible in using DonorSearch to solve whatever challenges they are facing.’”

To effectively accomplish this mission, our team stays in close contact with new clients during their first 30 days (and beyond!). At the heart of a new DonorSearch client’s experience is getting off on the right foot with our AI-based data. Cecilia and other staff on our client success team work hand in hand with clients to get them familiar with our tools and to seamlessly fit DonorSearch AI data into existing workflows—including CRM systems like Salesforce.

But this introduction to AI goes beyond system familiarity. Our experts frequently work with new clients to ensure their first experiences with DonorSearch AI are as profitable as possible. DonorSearch VP Nathan Chappell explains, “Non-profit fundraisers are most successful when their work is facilitated by AI-driven data from DonorSearch that uncovers the best prospects. Using the right approach to bring prospects out of the woodwork sometimes takes an expert’s touch, and that is why our entire company, from client success representatives to data scientists, will lend a helping hand whenever it is necessary.”

No matter if it’s onboarding or loading data into the tools your team uses every day, our team is dedicated to helping your organization achieve your fundraising goals. Although we’ve emphasized the first 30 days throughout this article, the fact is our commitment to clients runs throughout the life of our partnership—hopefully for many years to come. We have regular contact with our oldest clients, whether it’s making a new member of their team feel welcome or creating a novel way of looking at community engagement.          To learn how our approach to client excellence is as big a differentiator as our AI-driven data, please contact DonorSearch for a demo today. And if you are an experienced non-profit professional interested in helping new nonprofits build for future success daily, consider a career with DonorSearch

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