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Tips to Make Your Year-End Appeals More Appealing

This post is brought to us by Victoria Dietz, Vice President of The Curtis Group. Learn more about The Curtis Group at the close of this article. 

As you probably know, 40% of giving occurs in the last four months of the year. Of course, December remains the prime time for when those gifts are actually made.

Does your fundraising plan include month-by-month steps for year-end giving? If you haven’t already started your year-end campaign, you’re behind. But if you act quickly, there’s still time to bring in some sizable donations. Ideally, your year-end fundraising will follow this timeline:

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What Not To Do on #GivingTuesdsay

This article is brought to us by Eileen Blake, Marketing Manager of AlumniFinder.

Sometimes knowing what you shouldn’t do is every bit as important as knowing what to do. Anyone who has ever accidentally put metal in a microwave can tell you how true this is! There are some sure-fire ways to accidentally set back your #GivingTuesday efforts on the one day a year you should absolutely be trying to reach new donors and supporters.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid this #GivingTuesday:

1. Do NOT, under any circumstances, make it difficult to find your donate button!

Let’s face it: sometimes people get lazy, and that’s especially true on the internet. We want to land on a page, find what we’re looking for, and take the action we came to take. There’s a very small amount of frustration we’re willing to put up with before we abandon one web page in favor of another.

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Treating Event Sponsors as Major Gifts Prospects

Do you dismiss your event sponsors after your event is over?

Many organizations are guilty of this practice and it can make an individual or business feel used, undervalued, and less than invested in your organization’s success. Instead of taking an event-centric approach, focus on cultivating long-term relationships with event sponsors. Give them the same level of respect and the same mindset you bring to prospects for major gifts.

Kristin Steele of Swaim Strategies said in a recent webcast, “If we can create emotional resonance between our organizations and our donors, we’re going to evolve out of the transactional relationship that we have with them. When people feel like they’re treated like a checkbook, eventually they’re going to move on to someplace where they’re seen as people taking action to change the world.”

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5 Ways to Reach Donors Likely to Give

This article comes to us from Eileen Blake, Marketing Manager of AlumniFinder.

After hours of careful effort and planning, your donation campaign has been sent! You can’t wait to sit back and see the donations rolling in, but as they do you start to realize with a sinking feeling that you’re not getting what you expected.

The results of all your hard work are going to be much lower than anticipated.

This is obviously the last thing that any sane person who works in development ever wants to experience. At the heart of any solid fundraising effort, you need to know that you’re going to reach the right people. But, who are the “right” people? Reaching the right group of potential donors who are likely to give is not as tough as it might sound.

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The Top 7 Expert Nonprofit Web Design Firms You Should Know

It’s no secret that nonprofit web design can be challenging. There are a million little details that nonprofits have to think about to create a website that’s not only modern and professional, but that also converts donations and other supporter actions.

Not to mention, putting these little details into practice often requires knowledge of tricky coding or a level of tech savvy that many organizations simply don’t possess. Between worrying about prospecting, donor stewardship, fundraising campaigns, and other important day-to-day efforts, it’s understandable that many nonprofits don’t have the expertise and resources required to build the most successful websites possible.

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Donor Recognition Policies: A How-To Overview

To launch a successful fundraising program, an organization should have created a number of documents, including the Case for Support, Gift Acceptance Policies and Procedures, and a Donor Recognition Policy.

The Case explains “why” you are raising money, the Gift Acceptance Policies delineate what constitutes an acceptable gift and under what circumstances your organization will accept the donation, and the Donor Recognition Policy explains how you will express gratitude to the donor.

The purpose of the Donor Recognition Policy is to ensure that those who support the organization through donations receive recognition that is appropriate, equitable, and consistent. The Policy is developed with the attitude that all gifts are important; that nurturing each donor is the business of the organization; and that a monetary gift is never more important than individual relationships.

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