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By DonorSearch

Putting together next year’s budget for data resources is going to be a challenge in these uncertain times. Since your fundraising goals are still the same(or are even more ambitious!), you must maximize your resource dollar without sacrificing your ability to identify and reach your best prospects.


Consider taking the following steps toward budgeting for next year:

Know Your Fundraising Objectives

If you know how much you expect to raise and the purpose of the funding, you’ll know what your prospect pool should look like in terms of financial capacity and affinity.

Know Who You Already Know

Take a look at your current identified prospect pool, and roughly calculate if you have enough names to meet those goals.  Not enough?  Then you need the resources to find MORE.

Look for an Affordable and Versatile Solution

The best prospecting solution can answer these questions:

    • Will it screen a big list of prospects and tell me who has the greatest financial capacity as well as the greatest affinity to my cause?
    • Will it show me my most loyal supporters?
    • Is the information high quality and easy to sort and filter so we can quickly prioritize and take action?
    • Can I use the resource to:
      • Find new prospects for Major, Annual, and Planned Giving?
      • Build prospect portfolios for my fundraisers?
      • Generate a detailed profile for each prospect?
      • Do more research to find new prospects or get more information about existing ones?

Streamline and Integrate Intelligence

Your prospecting is the most effective and efficient when your intelligence gathering and analysis is done in a central place.  Look for:

      • A one-stop research tool, where you can gather and evaluate wealth, philanthropy, and demographics.
      • A portfolio- and individual profile-builder, to get information ready for action.
      • A CRM integration tool, where you can combine everything you know about the prospect and share it will others.

With the DonorSearch Solution, the answer is YES.  We deliver all of the above in quality prospect insights and the tools you need to capture and manage your prospecting.  Oh, and we’re affordably priced.

Budgeting Approach: Look for Affordable Solutions that Deliver Success