By DonorSearch

Here at DonorSearch, we’ve hit 100 million records! Yes, that’s right. Not 1 million, not 10 million, but 100 million records in our charitable giving database. We are incredibly excited to have reached this milestone. But what’s great for us is also great for you — because this gargantuan amount of records means that our philanthropic databases are chock full of information that your nonprofit can use. Want to know more as we celebrate this achievement? Below are the key insights that we’ve gathered from our charitable giving database. To start out, check out our highest categories for annual reports:
  • Higher Education: 21,989 annual reports
  • Arts, Culture, and Humanities: 13,569 annual reports
  • Human Services: 10,630 annual reports
  • Education: 9,475 annual reports
  • Health Care: 8,612 Annual reports
  • Philanthropy Voluntarism and Grantmaking: 5,753 annual reports
  • Environment: 4,256 annual reports
Maxing out with over 20,000 annual reports in higher education alone, you can see how thrilled we are to have not only a huge amount of annual reports, but reports that represent diverse interests in the nonprofit sector. Want to see what major foundations have given the most? Check out our list below:
  • Pfizer Patient Assistance Foundation: 500 gifts = $1,281,344,539
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation: 500 gifts = $192,757,205
  • Genetech Access to Care Foundation: 500 gifts = $143,418,613
  • Merck Patient Assistance Program, Inc: $1,176,658,463
  • GlaxoSmithKline Patient Access Programs Foundation: $730,272,874
Overall, billions of dollars have been donated. And with our DonorSearch records, nonprofits can indulge in a slice of the donor pie.  
DonorSearch crosses the 100 million mark