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With PowerUp for CRM Advance, one of many Ellucian integrations, you can learn more about prospective donors.

The higher education sector has specific and complex needs for everything, from course management and student information, to recruitment and fundraising.

Higher ed development professionals must wade through a sea of data when crafting a plan to solicit and secure donations from alumni. In recent years, alumni fundraising participation and donor acquisition rates have slowed, so this process is becoming ever more challenging while also more important.

To acquire new donors, you must work diligently to cultivate relationships and steward your current loyal donors. But with so many potential touchpoints with your university, how can you adequately track engagement? This is where tools like Ellucian come in.

Ellucian offers a full-featured lineup of enterprise resource planning solutions to serve a wide variety of institutional needs. Because Ellucian is built on a higher ed data model known as Ethos, data can be unified across not only Ellucian platforms but also a wide variety of integrated applications. Ellucian is built to transform and modernize the higher ed landscape, bringing technology and data together to power a more efficient and sustainable future.

Here at DonorSearch, we strongly believe that data-driven insights are key to successful fundraising. Our industry-leading prospect research tool is one of many third-party integrations that can be used alongside Ellucian for better-informed outreach and enhanced fundraising success.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Ellucian system, then share 7 of our favorite integrations that can amplify the benefits of the platform:

To get the most out of your Ellucian system,  you’ll want to integrate with the other powerful tools in your software arsenal. These Ellucian integrations can save time for your team and help you learn more about donors and alumni. But before we dive into these integrations, we’ll cover the basics of the Ellucian platform. Let’s get started.

Ellucian is a powerful ERP platform that supports many integrations.

What is Ellucian?

Platform Overview

Ellucian is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed to meet the needs of the higher education sector. Across a variety of software solutions, Ellucian aims to “power what’s next” for institutions of all sizes. Their extensive list of offerings makes it easy to find the right fit for different departmental and institutional needs, but the main products include:

  • ERP systems
  • Student information systems
  • Constituent relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Analytics capabilities

The entire Ellucian platform runs on an open data model framework called Ethos, which enables many useful software integrations across the system.

While several of Ellucian’s solutions have fundraising applications, one of the most powerful tools available for donor relationships is Ellucian CRM Advance.

Ellucian CRM Advance

Ellucian offers a cloud-based constituent relationship management (CRM) system to track and manage donors called Ellucian CRM Advance. The CRM Advance platform can help your development team cultivate and maintain meaningful relationships with students, alumni, and other donors.

Through CRM Advance’s real-time and configurable reporting capabilities, you can easily analyze campaign activities and make smarter decisions to reach your fundraising goals. While the platform already allows for a holistic and in-depth view of each constituent, you can access even richer data and features through third-party integrations.

These Ellucian integrations will maximize your fundraising efforts.

Top Ellucian Integrations for Your Higher Education Fundraising Needs

DonorSearch is the best Ellucian integration for wealth screening.

DonorSearch: Top Ellucian Integration for Wealth Screening

The Basics

DonorSearch is a leading provider of prospect research intelligence and wealth screening data. Thousands of organizations rely on DonorSearch for actionable information to drive their fundraising efforts. And with the Power Up integration for Ellucian CRM Advance Web, higher education institutions can enjoy the speed and accuracy of DonorSearch at the push of the button within their CRM. The Ellucian integration enables fundraisers to quickly generate detailed prospect profiles or conduct small and large batch prospect screening.

Top Features of This Integration

The benefits and features of DonorSearch’s PowerUp integration include the ability to:

  • Access a detailed 360-degree view of a prospect, with information including capacity, known giving interests, and social media identities.
  • View 42 philanthropic and capacity data points alongside internal intelligence.
  • Launch small-batch screenings quickly and easily to identify the best prospects for upcoming events or last-minute requests.
  • Import large-batch screening results including RFM ratings and giving analytics.
  • Run reports to zero in on prospects that match top philanthropic indicators, like business executives.


Visit the DonorSearch website to learn more about this Ellucian integration

Double the Donation is one of the most useful integrations for higher ed fundraising because of its gift matching tools.

Double the Donation: Top Ellucian Integration for Matching Gifts

The Basics

Double the Donation is the leading provider of matching gift solutions to nonprofits and higher education institutions. With the comprehensive 360MatchPro platform, your fundraising team can quickly identify match-eligible donors, secure matches, and grow your revenue. This tool integrates directly into Ellucian CRM Advance so that you can access match opportunities within your existing donor records for a comprehensive overview.

Top Features of This Integration

  • Capture and leverage employer information to identify matching gift and volunteer grant opportunities.
  • Follow up appropriately with eligible donors to secure matching gifts.
  • Add company search functionality to donor-facing forms.

Visit the Double the Donation homepage to learn more about this Ellucian integration.

Microsoft is one of the most useful integrations for higher ed fundraising because of its powerful server.

Microsoft: Top Ellucian Integration for Server System

The Basics

Microsoft is a tech powerhouse offering a variety of hardware, consumer software, cloud computing, and business applications. Through a range of teaching and education systems, technology and solutions, Microsoft is committed to supporting lifelong learning. The Microsoft Windows Server System powers many Ellucian Higher Ed solutions; specifically, the Microsoft Dynamics platform is the foundation of Ellucian CRM Advance.

Many higher ed professionals rely on Microsoft tools throughout their day-to-day operations, and this existing familiarity makes the integration convenient and intuitive.

Top Features of This Integration

  • Connect with email and calendar solutions for improved internal operations.
  • Access administrative control of data systems.
  • Improve management of multi-channel communication plans and campaigns.

Explore the Microsoft website to learn more about this Ellucian integration

Fundriver is one of the most useful integrations for higher ed fundraising because of its endowment fund management capabilities.

Fundriver: Top Ellucian Integration for Endowment Accounting and Fundraising

The Basics

Fundriver provides endowment accounting software solutions for higher education institutions. By using this platform, nonprofits and development offices can more efficiently manage endowment funds with less time and enhanced accuracy.

The web-based application integrates with Ellucian Banner and Colleague Finance to simplify the delivery of information to different departments and stakeholders.

Top Features of This Integration

  • Manage endowment funds in a web-based application with no required IT resources.
  • Eliminate the need for manual spreadsheet and legacy systems.
  • Streamline audits and compliance reporting.


Check out Fundriver's website to learn more about this Ellucian integration

CoreBT is one of the most useful integrations for higher ed fundraising because of its payment processing tools.

CoreBT: Top Ellucian Integration for Payment Processing

The Basics

Core Business Technologies, also known as CoreBT, provides powerful and customizable e-commerce payment solutions. Throughout its modern payment platforms, CoreBT strives to create a simple and convenient payment experience. In line with this streamlined approach, the platform can be integrated with Ellucian finance systems.

Top Features of This Integration

  • Simplify payment processing.
  • Process cards and checks with a secure PCI compliant system.
  • Enforce business rules through integration with host billing and finance systems.


Visit CoreBT's website to learn more about this Ellucian integration

Insightful is one of the most useful integrations for higher ed fundraising because it can keep you up to date on prospects and donors.

Insightful: Top Ellucian Integration for Nonprofit News

The Basics

Insightful is a research tool for fundraising teams that provides news-related prospect information. The platform is powered by NewsBank, a leading information provider that includes 13,000 relevant publications and news sources.

With Insightful, your team can get alerts when donors or topics you care about are in the news, so you’re always up to date. And because Insightful integrates seamlessly with Ellucian CRM, you have valuable and recent information in one centralized location. Having relevant and compelling reasons to connect with donors allows you to build deeper relationships and fundraise more effectively.

Top Features of This Integration

  • Receive automatic alerts when important donors or topics are in the news.
  • Access an industry-leading library of publication data.
  • Start conversations with donors based on timely opportunities.


Check out Insightful's website to learn more about this Ellucian integration

SparkPost is one of the most useful integrations for higher ed fundraising because of its email analytics features.

SparkPost: Top Ellucian Integration for Email Engagement

The Basics

SparkPost is a predictive email intelligence platform and email delivery provider. Where this platform truly shines is in its email delivery analytics and access to real-time data. SparkPost’s API integrates seamlessly with a variety of applications including Ellucian platforms, so it’s possible to edit templates, generate messages, send emails, and report performance data alongside other key tasks.

Top Features of This Integration

  • Reach your target audience at the right time.
  • Diagnose and fix email performance problems.
  • Leverage data to continuously improve your email communications.


Visit the SparkPost website to learn more about this Ellucian integration

Across a range of diverse platforms, Ellucian is boosting efficiency and serving critical needs for the higher ed space. While Ellucian already offers powerful features and reporting capabilities, you can extend the platform even further by connecting to one of the above integration partners. With these data-driven tools, your development office will be well-positioned to secure alumni gifts and prepare for the future of your institution.

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DonorSearch is one of many Ellucian integrations that can elevate your university's fundraising efforts.

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