DonorSearch is a CFRE Approved Provider for Continuing Education. All of our Flash Classes are …

  • Free to attend

  • Qualify for CRFE credit

  • Open to everyone who works at a nonprofit organization in any capacity

  • designed to give you great development ideas that you can bring to your organization in one quick webinar

In 2017, DonorSearch held over 40 different presentations with just under 5,000 participants. This year, DonorSearch is on pace to double these numbers.

We can’t do it without your help though. If you have a suggestion for a topic or if you would like to present a Flash Class, please submit your ideas and inquiries to

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    All attendees will receive confirmation of their attendance that meets CFRE International requirements. (Note: our regular training classes do not earn CFRE credit.)

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    Flash Classes are recorded and available here. As always, if you have any idea for future Flash Classes let us know.