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Easily screen your donors with fundraising software DonorSearch.

Choosing an online fundraising software platform can be difficult regardless of the size or shape of your organization, but it can be especially challenging for smaller nonprofits. Smaller organizations require nonprofit software that offers a suite of helpful, scalable features while also being within their budget considerations. Luckily, there are a variety of different fundraising software solutions out there that offer great features at affordable prices.

Take a look at our personal favorite low-cost fundraising software platforms for small nonprofits:

    1. DonorSearch Online Tools
    2. Double the Donation
    3. Qgiv
    4. DonorPerfect
    5. Bloomerang
    6. NeonCRM
    7. Salesforce NPSP
    8. Sustain   
    9. Little Green Light  
    10. Virtuous
    11. Kindful  
    12. Salsa  
    13. EasyWare  
    14. Fundly  
    15. ResultsPlus
    16. CiviCRM
    17. Arreva
    18. Giveffect
    19. DonorSnap
    20. 360MatchPro
    21. CharityEngine

No matter which one you end up choosing, you’ll find the fundraising solution for you.



DonorSearch is a top fundraising software all nonprofits can use.DONORSEARCH ONLINE TOOLS – BEST FUNDRAISING SOFTWARE FOR ALL NONPROFITS


DonorSearch’s online tools, which are great for all nonprofits, consist of integrated search, ProspectView Online, gift search, and my portfolio.

Nonprofits can use these tools to gain insight on prospects like other organizations an individual has previously given to, stock transactions, and other wealth and philanthropic information.

These online tools will help your nonprofit view more data overall.


Nonprofits can use ProspectView Online:

  • Wealth information that shows ability to give
  • Philanthropic activity that shows past giving
  • Nonprofit affiliations

Additionally, the My Portfolio tool screens and reports your data so you can sort and organize your information.


You can contact DonorSearch for a demo and quote on their fundraising solutions, and keep in mind, the DSGiving tool is free to use for any organization!

Visit the DonorSearch giving tool and try it out for yourself!

Check out Double the Donation's fundraising software.



Double the Donation offers an easy-to-use matching gift tool for nonprofits.

One of the best things about Double the Donation’s fundraising software is its integrable options. When creating donation pages, you can effortlessly integrate their matching gift tool to help your donors’ determine their matching gift eligibility on the spot.

Double the Donation’s software, 360MatchPro, also help organizations extensively market matching gifts for a better success rate!


One of the best perks of Double the Donation’s software is that it will help your organization create a matching gifts page. In other words, you and your staff can easily integrate the matching gift tool into your website on a page dedicated to information about matching gifts.

Once donors know how easily they can double their donations to your nonprofit, they’ll be jumping at the chance to submit that paperwork.


Double the Donation offers different pricing plans, so check out their pricing page to learn more.

Take a look at how Double the Donation's fundraising software can help your nonprofit.


Learn about Qgiv, a top fundraising software solution for event management.

Qgiv – Best Fundraising Software for Any Event


Qgiv is a top fundraising software option dedicated to helping nonprofits increase their revenue and reach donors. With its simple interface, flexible pricing packages, and powerful tools, Qgiv is great for organizations of any size.

Along with Qgiv’s regular online donation solutions, you can also access its vast event management tools. From facilitating event registrations to hosting peer-to-peer campaigns and planning a silent auction, Qgiv has all the tools you need to maximize your event success.

Best of all, since your event tools are part of a larger software platform, all your important fundraising and event data is centralized in one place!


Qgiv has a variety of fundraising options that can elevate any type of event you want to plan. For instance, you might consider hosting a(n):

  • Silent Auction Fundraising Event. Bring your silent auction to the next level by using Qgiv’s mobile app-based auction platform. This way, guests can bid conveniently using their phones.
  • In-person Fundraising Event. With Qgiv, you can create unlimited event registration forms for any type of occasion you host. Make sure to customize it to your organization and mission! Automate discounts and promo-codes as well as packages for certain attendees.
  • Peer-to-peer Fundraising Campaign. Encourage your volunteers to fundraise harder with Qgiv’s gamification tools. Post a live fundraising thermometer and a scoreboard presenting the top fundraisers.

Any growing nonprofit knows that while events are important, there are a lot of resources that go into it. Qgiv’s tools can lessen the load!


Qgiv has a variety of plans to choose from, starting at $0 for the standard one. Learn more on their pricing page.

Learn more about Qgiv’s fundraising software through their website.

DonorPerfect is a top nonprofit fundraising software.DONORPERFECT – BEST FUNDRAISING GROWTH PLATFORM


DonorPerfect’s robust fundraising software allows you to organize constituent data in one unified database. Also, DonorPerfect gives you the ability to collect online donations, process pledges, and set up recurring gifts. It’s an all-in-one fundraising and data management solution for organizations of all sizes.

Plus, you’ll be able to run all types of fundraising activities, from grant tracking to volunteer and constituent management.


DonorPerfect’s fundraising software is truly comprehensive and chock-full of useful features. These include:

  • Financial reports and other easy data exporting functions
  • Targeted communications
  • Event management
  • Facilitated software integrations
  • Wealth screening tools

In short, DonorPerfect’s fundraising software provides a one-stop shop for all of your organization’s fundraising needs!


DonorPerfect’s software comes a variety of packages that differ in price and in features offered. The most basic software package starts at $89 per month, and then goes up depending on your needs. Check out their pricing page here.

Check out DonorPerfect's fundraising software.

Bloomerang's fundraising software can take your organization's operations to the next level.BLOOMERANG – BEST FUNDRAISING CRM SOFTWARE


Bloomerang is a leader in CRM and database software for smaller and mid-size nonprofits because they work hard to prioritize what matters most to those organizations — engagement and retention.

In addition to its comprehensive yet lightweight database features, the Bloomerang suite includes a number of powerful fundraising tools. Having all your data within reach while planning an online fundraising campaign goes a long way to boost success.


Bloomerang’s nonprofit software includes fundraising tools that your organization might find invaluable! Customizable online giving forms, website integrations, event registrations, social media listening tools, and an email design platform all round out this comprehensive suite.

The entire Bloomerang CRM and fundraising platform was designed to directly address the needs of smaller nonprofits without all the technical fuss. Its features have helped nonprofits retain more donors and build stronger foundations for growth.


Bloomerang offers several tiers of service, the first starting at only $99 per month. Check out their pricing page to learn more!

Check out Bloomerang's powerful tools and fundraising software!

Check out NeonCRM, a top fundraising software.NeonCRM – Best cloud-based fundraising CRM

The Basics:

NeonCRM is a cloud-based nonprofit software suite that can provide help for any nonprofit, regardless of size. 

Your nonprofit can easily maximize fundraising with all of its donor data centralized in one spot. With NeonCRM, the fundraising process is more effective and efficient, helping you succeed with any campaign that you choose. 

Notable Features:

Your CRM (or donor database) should be helping you increase fundraising while also helping you manage your donors. NeonCRM offers features and tools that can:

  • Track donor data
  • Communicate with donors
  • Build donor relationships
  • Increase donations

Manage your donor data with care and you’ll see an increase in donor retention! Additionally, the more you know about your donors, the easier it is to acquire new ones. NeonCRM’s extensive features have made it a top choice for nonprofits for years now.


NeonCRM’s pricing depends on what stage your nonprofit development is at. However, NeonCRM does offer a variety of flexible plans. Find out which package is best for you on their pricing page.

If you want to learn more about this fundraising software, go to NeonCRM's homepage.

Check out Salesforce NPSP a top fundraising software.Salesforce NPSP – Best Fundraising Foundation for New Salesforce Users

The Basics: 

If your nonprofit uses the Salesforce CRM platform, you can already access the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). The NPSP is a core set of free data management tools for your nonprofit to take advantage of, serving as a great fundraising foundation.

All from one place, you can take advantage of the Salesforce NPSP to manage programs, donations, volunteers, and supporters. Without worrying about things like data migration and data tracking, your team can spend more time on donor engagement!

Notable Features:

One of the best parts of the Salesforce CRM and NPSP is access to all the apps on the Salesforce AppExchange. The Salesforce AppExchange is vast and includes integration partners (like DonorSearch!) as well as apps and tools that are native to the platform. Building out your own suite of nonprofit tools is easy with the Salesforce NPSP.

This way, all your fundraising processes and donor engagement data are centralized in one, easy-to-access location. 


Pricing for the Salesforce NPSP depends on the current state of your nonprofit. Check out their pricing page to learn more and which plan may be suited for you.

If you want to learn more about Salesforce NPSP, a fundraising software.

Check out Sustain, a top fundraising software.Sustain – Best software for simple fundraising management

The Basics: 

If your nonprofit has trouble navigating your current fundraising software (or you don’t have one!) Sustain might be able to help. Sustain is a complete solution to fundraising management was developed to help nonprofits complete simple daily tasks with ease. This saves your entire fundraising team time, increases productivity, and streamlines the whole process!

Notable Features:

With Sustain, you’ll be saving time and raising more money. Consider these tools and how they can help your nonprofit:

  • All-in-one constituent profiles for donor management
  • Email marketing, direct mailing, and more for fundraising outreach efforts
  • Online donation form that processes gifts with efficiency 

Sustain is a great platform for those who need just need the basics for fundraising management!


Sustain’s pricing will vary depending on your nonprofit. To see if Sustain is right for you, contact them on their website.

Learn more about fundraising software, Sustain.

Read to learn about Little Green Light, a top fundraising software.Little Green Light – Best Donor Management Software

The Basics: 

Little Green Light is fundraising software aiming to simplify donor management for all nonprofit organizations. With Little Green Light, you’ll be able to manage all your organization’s supporters from one place. Easily track and store engagements from each donor, volunteer, and member!

You’ll also be able to track all constituent communications and gifts, getting a better understanding of how your donors engage with your nonprofit.

Notable Features:

Your fundraising software should always be trying to simplify your job, and that is what Little Green Light is doing. You’ll have all your data in one place with its powerful important tool. Look at your data all at once with export capabilities as well!

When you use Little Green Light you can also sync with other software you already use, alongside these features:

  • Constituent management
  • Communications and tasks management
  • Track and store all gifts and fundraising efforts
  • Built-in and custom reporting

The better you manage your donors, the more consistent their support will be. Look into Little Green Light for help!


Little Green Light offers both a monthly or annual subscription with no contract required. Check out their pricing page to learn more!

Check out Little Green Lights, a top fundraising software.

Check out Virtuous, a fundraising software.Virtuous – Best Fundraising Software to Build Donor Relationships

The Basics:

Virtuous is a fundraising software with a responsive nonprofit CRM and marketing automation features. This is a great combination for nonprofits trying to build donor relationships.

With its easy-to-use CRM, you can view all your donors and supporters at once, helping your spot the best opportunities. Additionally, all this data will seamlessly work with your marketing automation system, helping you communicate with constituents in a targeted and personalized way!

Notable Features: 

Virtuous doesn’t just give you the tools to assist you in developing those donor relationships, it also provides certain features which can suggest helpful tips and next actions.

For instance, you can take the guesswork out of fundraising asks. Virtuous will suggest gift asks depending on the type of donor. Additionally, Virtuous can automate tasks and calls based on previous engagements with the donors. You’ll save time navigating your fundraising software with Virtuous as it’ll give you concrete next steps and will even act on actions for you.


All of Virtuous pricing plans has a set of core functions to help you build those donor relationships. Visit their pricing page to see which package can meet your nonprofit’s needs.

Go to Virtuous home page to learn more about this fundraising software.

Learn more about Kindful, a fundraising software, below.Kindful – Best Fundraising CRM for Donor Communication

The Basics:

Kindful is a nonprofit CRM software which can help you better communicate with and reach your donors and supporters. With Kindful, your fundraising team will save time by automating your communications. 

Optimizing your marketing and communication strategies is key to building your donor relationships and can help ensure that your donor retention rates don’t fall. Kindful will provide the tools to help with unlimited email & letter templates and a task manager.

Notable Features: 

Kindful can support any of your nonprofit efforts by saving the time your fundraising team would have spent planning its donor emails and making sure all the content is up to standard. Improve your communication strategies with these features:

  • Automated donation receipts 
  • Integrated marketing tools like Mailchimp
  • View of a detailed history of communication for each donor
  • Segmented donors for more targeted communication

Having a solid and loyal donor database is important for every nonprofit, so make sure your communication efforts are supported by your tools.


Kindful has a clear pricing plan and depends on how many contacts and donors you already have. Check out their pricing scale here to learn more!

Find out if Kindful is the right fundraising software for you.

Take a look at Salsa's fundraising software.SALSA – BEST FUNDRAISING SOFTWARE FOR GROWING NONPROFITS


Perfect for growing nonprofits, Salsa is a unique fundraising software that allows nonprofits to raise funds by building flawless, branded forms and responsive online fundraising pages.

Nonprofits can use Salsa to send out beautiful fundraising emails that feature prominent donate buttons. Salsa also lets nonprofits automate thank-you emails that can be triggered by an online gift or event registration.

But that’s not all Salsa does! Their products range from online fundraising software to donor management, digital marketing, online advocacy, and even peer-to-peer solutions!


In addition to its email crafting capabilities, Salsa’s nonprofit software offers several other useful features.

In particular, organizations are able to configure custom events and build online registration forms to donors’ convenience. They can then inform their supporters of event details through automated emails.

Plus, using Salsa means your nonprofit can build your registration forms using Salsa’s Drag and Drop Form Builder! Custom and professional mobile-friendly forms couldn’t be easier. Create a seamless experience for your donors and improve your registration rates!


Salsa has a wide range of pricing plans and packages, so pick the one that fits your organization best! Contact them for details here!

Take a look at Salsa's fundraising software.

Check out Easy-Ware, a top fundraising software.Easy-Ware – Best Fundraising CRM for Affordability

The Basics:

With Easy-Ware, you’ll be able to track all personal and family information about your donors and also catalog their giving history and engagement with your organization. Easy-Ware uses a unique family-data model that lets you record separate information for each family member, even children. With unlimited custom fields, you can track everything you deem important.

However, you do have to go through Easy-Ware’s comprehensive but lengthy data conversion process. Easy-Ware ensures that all data is converted, without any duplicates or data loss!

Notable Features:

To help you make the right fundraising ask at the right time to the right person, Easy-Ware has the tools. Using built-in and customized reports and graphs, you and your fundraising team can gain insight into how your donors work. 

Easily get the lists and reports you need with:

  • Unlimited data analysis
  • Mailing lists and labels
  • Letters and invoices

Soliciting donations is a tricky ask, so make sure you have the tools which give you the best information.


Easy-Ware offers their solution with an unprecedented 90-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. Contact them to learn more and request a demo to learn more about pricing for your nonprofit.

Find out if Easy-Ware is the right fundraising software for you.

Fundly's fundraising software platform is a great option for growing nonprofits!FUNDLY – BEST CROWDFUNDING SOFTWARE


With Fundly’s powerful fundraising software, your nonprofit can start a crowdfunding campaign and set up donation pages in just a few easy steps — all without having to purchase online donation software, build custom codes for donation pages, or find a payment processor!

Customize your page by adding images, videos, and other content to make your campaign stand out, and then share your fundraiser with the world thanks to Fundly’s simple social media integration.


Fundly’s nonprofit software is renowned for being flexible and customizable, meaning that you are able to raise money for virtually any cause or project. Additionally, Fundly’s platform is fully mobile-optimized — it even includes a handy app! — so that donors can easily give on the go.

Even better, since Fundly campaigns are hosted off-site, small nonprofits have the opportunity to raise money for specific campaigns without an established online fundraising infrastructure.


To get started, your nonprofit won’t have to pay any upfront costs. Once you start receiving funds, you’ll pay a 4.9% platform fee and a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Learn more here.

Take a look at Fundly's fundraising platform for nonprofits.

Read on to learn more about ResultsPlus fundraising software.ResultsPlus – Best Fundraising CRM for Gift Management

The Basics:

ResultsPlus is a fundraising and CRM software that can help your nonprofit develop donor relationships and manage their fundraising efforts. ResultsPlus helps you plan your to do list, interact with your donors, track each gift, and report your results. 

To put it simply, ResultsPlus is a comprehensive solution that can maximize your fundraising team’s time so you can focus on your donor engagement strategies. Additionally, you can analyze the reports you create and produce insights to improve your future fundraising strategies.

Notable Features:

ResultsPlus can help your nonprofit know where each and every one of your gifts comes from. Easily code and segment your donation data from other metrics and analyze the results without outside clutter getting in the way.

With ResultsPlus, you can segment donations by type as well as segment donors by type. From there, utilize ResultsPlus Performance Overview platform. Then analyze these lists to understand which types of gifts are more common, which engagement strategies are working best, and more!


To learn more about how ResultsPlus can help, your best bet is to contact them on their website.

Is ResultsPlus the right fundraising software for you?

Learn more about CiviCRM, fundraising software.CiviCRM – Best Open Source Fundraising CRM

The Basics:

CiviCRM is a fully customizable and expandable open source CRM system that your nonprofit can take advantage of. Open source software is computer software whose code is freely released to the public. This means that anyone who uses the code can change it to fit their own specific needs.

With CiviCRM, your nonprofit can truly own your own data and then manage it in the way that you see best. Though maybe not the best solution for those who aren’t tech-savvy, CiviCRM can hold a lot of value for your organization.

Notable Features:

CiviCRM helps you manage and leverage your data with a variety of software features:

  • Donor profiles that are automatically compiled with new data
  • Monetary gifts are auto-exported into your accounting system 
  • Bulk email lists that you can segment, do A/B testing, and monitor statistics

Additionally, these features should work seamlessly across different platforms and devices. Your entire fundraising team can access the data from anywhere.


CiviCRM is completely free to download, use, and share. Check out the latest version here.

Learn about CiviCRM fundraising software on their website.

Read on to learn more about fundraising software Arreva.Arreva – Best fundraising CRM for marketing

The Basics:

With Arreva, your donor database will automatically be updated each time you go through various fundraising engagements and for every donation made to your organization. Each of your donors will have a fleshed out profile, including their giving history and personal details like birthdays and family members.

Arreva is also completely integrated with their own email marketing solution. This way, each of your fundraising campaigns and marketing strategies can start without you ever exporting your data!

Notable Features:

In one platform, Arreva can identify your best donors as well as prospects in one platform. You get a better sense of which of your constituents respond to certain marketing strategies. Send segmented communications to better reach your constituents— and you don’t even have to leave the system.

You also can connect with other marketing platforms other than your email. Arreva can give you insights into your website, phone calls, social media, and more.


To learn more about Arreva’s pricing, contact them through their website. 

Find out if Arreva is the right fundraising software for you.

Check out Giveffect, a top fundraising software.Giveffect – Best Fundraising Software for Nonprofit Automation

The Basics:

Giveffect is a comprehensive nonprofit software that has a wide amount of features. From one platform, you can manage your online donations, track your gifts, oversee your volunteers, plan events, and so much more. With so many features and processes, it makes sense that Giveffect is highly qualified in automating some of your work.

Notable Features:

Giveffect’s Smart Automation software relieves your fundraising team of daily administrative work such as filing forms, sending out emails, and managing your volunteers. For one thing, you don’t have to undergo any long manual data transfers with automated data entry. Giveffect automates storing data from almost all of your processes, like:

  • Online donations
  • Offline donations
  • Event attendance
  • Volunteer applications
  • Volunteer shifts

It’ll even compile reports for you based on your data. Make smarter decisions and save time with Giveffect’s Smart Automation.


Giveffect offers a 14-day trial to some eligible organizations, but they usually recommend you contact them on their website to learn the best pricing plan for you.

Is Giveffect the fundraising software for you?

Read to learn more about fundraising software DonorSnap.

DonorSnap – Best Fundraising Software for Customer Support


The Basics:

DonorSnap is a donor management and fundraising software that can help your organization increase its fundraising. Each of your donors will have a fleshed out profile of addresses and other details which your fundraising team can access at any time.

Additionally, DonorSnap can track the relationships and affiliations of each of your donors, potentially expanding the reach of your nonprofit.

Notable Features:

For organizations who use DonorSnap, it’s important that all your data is accurate and centralized. Because of this, DonorSnap will help you set up your database in just a few days. They also will teach you and your entire fundraising staff how to use the software. After that, DonorSnap provides a plethora of resources if you ever have a question, maximizing your fundraising success.

The DonorSnap relationship continues past onboarding, so you’ll always have access to DonorSnap’s team of support reps. 


How many contacts does your nonprofit have? Depending on the size of your organization and your constituents, DonorSnap’s pricing will vary. Check out their pricing page for guidance.

Find out if DonorSnap is the fundraising software for you.

Check out 360MatchPro, a top fundraising software for matching gift automation.360MATCHPRO – BEST MATCHING GIFTS AUTOMATION SOFTWARE


360MatchPro isn’t a fundraising software platform in the traditional sense, but having these tools on hand can really make a difference in your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy.

With this software, your organization can automate the matching gifts outreach process. You’ll be able to screen your supporters for matching gifts leads and then send them targeted communications in order to steer them toward completing a matching gift request with their employer.

This way, your nonprofit can start getting more from your dedicated supporters’ gifts!


With 360MatchPro, your team can capture matching gift information at the same time donors make their initial gift.

The software will screen their email domain and see if they work for one of the hundreds of companies in 360MatchPro’s database that offers matching gifts to their employees.

At that point, you can configure automated  emails to send supporters their matching gifts guidelines and other key information they’ll need to place their request.


Visit 360MatchPro’s website to request a custom price quote based on your nonprofit organization’s needs.

360MatchPro is a robust matching gifts software for small nonprofits.

Check out CharityEngine to learn more about their fundraising software for nonprofits.CHARITYENGINE: BEST ALL-IN-ONE FUNDRAISING SOFTWARE


CharityEngine’s all-in-one fundraising software is designed to limit the number of solutions that nonprofits need to use to build out their toolbox. This is especially important for small nonprofits who may not have the expansive budget to invest in several separate tools. 

This software includes all of the fundraising, marketing, and donor management tools that nonprofits need to create their fundraising strategy. 

Plus, CharityEngine offers more features to expand past traditional fundraising for nonprofits into fields like event management, advocacy solutions, and expansive reporting.


The fundraising tools CharityEngine offers include:

  • Donation pages
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • In-house payment processing
  • Comprehensive reporting and workflow automation

CharityEngine helps your nonprofit enhance every step of the donor journey from the minute a donor first sees your marketing collateral to the end of payment processing.


You can contact CharityEngine to learn more about their pricing.

Explore CharityEngine's website to learn more about their fundraising software for nonprofits.

As you can see, there are multiple great options for budding nonprofits looking for inexpensive fundraising software to help them grow and thrive.


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Check out DonorSearch and learn more about your donors.