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This blog focuses on the world of prospect research and various related fundraising topics. To diversify our subject matter, we like to feature the work of our friends and colleagues in the community. Join me in welcoming Sophorn Chhay of Trumpia, and please enjoy this post on SMS marketing strategies to increase donations.

Increase Donations for Your Nonprofit with a Savvy SMS Marketing Strategy

Donations are the lifeblood of any nonprofit, which is why your nonprofit needs to develop an effective marketing strategy. A savvy SMS marketing campaign is one of the best ways to increase donations for your nonprofit. Here are a few clever ways to implement an SMS campaign in a way that will grow donations and the reputation of your nonprofit in equal measure.

Utilize SMS to Improve Event Attendance

A successful nonprofit depends on quality events to gather donors and fundraise. With more people at your events, your nonprofit will enjoy larger donations. However, donors and volunteers are busy people with jobs, social lives and varied interests. These factors can lead to your nonprofit’s event being forgotten by even your most ardent supporters. SMS marketing can fix that. Implement a texting campaign announcing the event’s date and time, and don’t hesitate to include exciting tidbits about the event and what attendees can expect. Leak out info about special guests or intriguing activities that will drive interest and increase attendance. Then, follow up via SMS with reminder texts as the event date approaches. In the end, you will enjoy greater attendance that will increase donations and put your nonprofit on the path towards meeting annual donation goals.

Inspire Your Biggest Fans

Nonprofits work best when they are inspiring their greatest supporters. SMS marketing is a great way to let supporters know about the exciting and inspiring stories your nonprofit has helped create. As an example, if your nonprofit aims to reduce poverty, send out an SMS that highlights the progress made in the fight to reduce poverty. Inspired donors will be reminded that their belief in your nonprofit and cause is a well-founded one, which will increase the likelihood of long-term donors who are firmly committed to your nonprofit’s cause.

Engage vs. Ask

Often times, text messages don’t even need to be a direct ask. You can use them as reminders of upcoming fundraising campaigns, follow ups for pledges, or even just a reminder that you’re thinking of a donor. Small gestures like text messages can have HUGE results and even lead to unexpected gifts. Lloyd Claycomb of Denver, CO had this to say:
I had been thinking of making a donation to an organization near and dear to my heart, the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center of Phoenix, for a while but hadn’t gotten around to actually doing it! Then, I was eating lunch one Saturday morning and received a SMS message about an upcoming fundraising campaign that the organization was holding so I decided this was the perfect time!
Engagement via text can be a powerful tool to reach donors and continue the stewardship process!

Avoid Spamming

While nonprofits need donations to survive, constantly spamming donors is a surefire way to drive them away and decrease donations. Consider SMS marketing the antithesis of the spamming strategy. With SMS marketing, you will be reaching your donors in a way that practically guarantees they will receive and read your message. As opposed to email, where messages can be ignored or lost to a Spam folder, donors have their phones with them at all times. As such, you can rest assured that your messages will be received the first time, eliminating the need to send excessive amounts of messages. Instead, focus on the quality of your messages, and your nonprofit will improve the amount of donations received.

There Is a Proven Market for SMS Donations

Finally, it is worth pointing out that SMS marketing is a proven tactic for nonprofits. Nonprofits have received thousands of donations from SMS donors, making it an indispensable ally for nonprofits. In fact, Give As You Live (an established fundraising platform in the UK) determined that charities are having a hard time keeping up with the surge in popularity of text donations. Ensure that your nonprofit taps into this surge by using SMS as a means of receiving donations. Not only will this help your nonprofit, but it will also help your donors. The convenience of being reached on a mobile device makes it easy for donors to send a gift as they go about their day. SMS donations are ultimately a win both for your nonprofit as well as the donors who are fully supportive of the work you do. Develop a savvy SMS marketing strategy, and your nonprofit will reap the benefits.
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Increase Donations with a Savvy SMS Marketing Strategy