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When it comes to managing your fraternity, there’s nothing more important than having the right tools in hand to stay on top of your operations.

Luckily, there are a lot of fraternity management software options out there to choose from that address everything from overseeing membership, collecting dues, balancing your budget, to even fundraising for your cause.

Think your chapter is ready to find the right management software for your needs? Take a look at our favorite fraternity management software solutions:

  1. OmegaFi
  2. Fonteva for Associations
  3. Salsa
  4. GreekTrack
  5. Aplos
  6. OurHouse
  7. Wild Apricot
  8. YourMembership

Taking charge of your fraternity management strategy has never been easier than with these next-level solutions! Let’s dive into our list and find your chapter its ideal fraternity management software.

OmegaFi is our top comprehensive fraternity management software.

1. OmegaFi — Best Comprehensive Fraternity Management Software

Fraternity Management Software Overview

If your fraternity is looking for an all-in-one solution, Omegafi’s fraternity management software is the perfect fit.

With OmegaFi’s comprehensive tools, your team can effortlessly manage the logistics of your chapter while laying the groundwork for future growth and philanthropic achievements.

OmegaFi’s Top Chapter Management Software Features

Omegafi’s suite of fraternity management software features includes:

  • Dues collection tools including payment processing, invoicing, and reminders.
  • Bill payment features that help manage vendor partnerships and send 1099s.
  • Financial reporting to track your chapter’s transactions and manage your budget.
  • Prepaid Visa card purchasing so your officers can manage spending across your chapter.
  • Payroll processing so your fraternity can pay its employees easily.

How OmegaFi’s Fraternity Management Solution Stands Out

We love OmegaFi’s chapter management software because it truly gives fraternities all the tools they need to better manage their operations from behind the scenes.

By putting a fraternity’s financial goals first, OmegaFi’s chapter management software ensures that your organization will never fall short on funding.

How Fonteva for Associactions’s Fraternity Management Solution Stands Out

Fonteva for Associations gives your fraternity unprecedented control over how you manage each of your chapters without sacrificing top-level oversight.

Additionally, since the software suite is paired with a CRM, your fraternity can trust that you’ll never lose track of your members and can start learning from that crucial data.

Check out OmegaFi's fraternity management software for your chapter.


Fonteva for Associations is our top Salesforce fraternity management software.

2. Fonteva for Associations — Best Salesforce Fraternity Management Software

Fraternity Management Software Overview

For national or regional Greek organizations, Fonteva for Associations is an excellent solution that addresses your fraternity management needs from the top down.

Powered by Salesforce CRM and Fonteva’s own membership management software, your organization can empower chapters with the tools they need while also maintaining a bird’s eye view of your organization.

Fonteva for Associations’s Top Chapter Management Software Features

With Fonteva for Associations, your fraternity has access to intuitive tools like:

  • Associations software to manage the membership of your fraternity’s chapters.
  • Events solutions to manage your fraternity’s calendar of events.
  • Accounting tools to stay on track with each of your chapters’ budgets.
  • Online fundraising and e-commerce functionality to boost your fraternity’s revenue.
  • Collaboration features that allow your team to work together within the platform.
Check out Fonteva for Associations's Salesforce-powered fraternity management software.


Salsa is another one of our favorite fraternity management software solutions for growing your chapter.

3. Salsa — Best Fraternity Management Software for Growth

Fraternity Management Software Overview

With Salsa, fraternities of all sizes can find the tools they need to grow their brotherhood, boost the impact of their service projects, and become influential organizations at their schools.

Particularly, their software offers fraternities a host of constituent management, fundraising, advocacy, and marketing solutions they can leverage to grow semester after semester.

Salsa’s Top Chapter Management Software Features

Salsa’s fraternity management software empowers organizations with:

  • Constituent management solutions like membership profiles and dashboard analytics.
  • Digital marketing tools such as social media and email marketing automation.
  • Online fundraising technology including giving forms, event registration, and payment processing.
  • Digital advocacy features like online petitions and targeted actions to rally your chapter.
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising tools so your brothers can fundraise on behalf of your chapter.

How Salsa’s Fraternity Management Solution Stands Out

We love Salsa’s fraternity management solution because it gives fraternities an extensive suite of member management tools geared toward chapter growth.

If your fraternity is looking to expand your membership, increase your funding, or make a bigger difference in your community, Salsa’s chapter management solution is a great choice.

Check out Salsa's fraternity management software to help grow your chapter.


GreekTrack is another great fraternity management software for Greek organizations.

4. GreekTrack — Fraternity Management Software

Fraternity Management Software Overview

Whether your team is looking for a small or large scale fraternity management software platform, GreekTrack has the flexible solution to meet your needs.

GrekTrack’s chapter management software can empower your organization to manage dues payments, monitor your financials, and otherwise stay on top of your membership.

GreekTrack’s Top Chapter Management Software Features

With GreekTrack’s platform, your university has access to all the essentials of a membership management system:

  • Dues collection tools via PayPal’s payment processing software.
  • Communication software to keep in touch with your brothers.
  • Event management solutions so your team can host great fraternity events.
  • Customization features to make your solution as unique as your chapter.
  • Payment tracking software to help your officers manage payments.

How GreekTrack’s Fraternity Management Solution Stands Out

We love GreekTrack because they recognize that not all chapters need the same software, and not all members of your team should have access to sensitive membership information.

Depending on your status as membership chair, treasury chair, or philanthropy chair, the GreekTrack interface appears differently. This offers your chapter ultimate security.

Check out GreekTrack's top chapter management software.


Aplos is a chapter management software provider for fraternities.

5. Aplos — Fraternity Management Software

Fraternity Management Software Overview

Aplos’s fraternity management software empowers chapters with the accounting solution they need to get ahead of their goals and start seeing results.

By focusing on the accounting side of fraternity management, your chapter can start streamlining your operations from the ground up and ensure success semester after semester.

Aplos’s Top Chapter Management Software Features

Aplos’s fraternity management software includes tools like:

  • Membership management software to help your chapter keep track of your members.
  • Bookkeeping tools including a digital ledger, spending reports, and payment tracking.
  • Accounting automations that import data from your bank account to generate analytics.
  • Premium financial security features that ensure your information is protected.
  • Donation tracking tools to help your chapter grow its philanthropy.

How Aplos’s Fraternity Management Solution Stands Out

Aplos only serves nonprofit organizations because they recognize that nonprofits like your fraternity simply have different accounting needs than regular businesses.

Aplos also understands that not everyone at your fraternity has a background in accounting, so their tools are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to navigate.

Check out Aplos's excellent fraternity management software.


OurHouse's fraternity management software is great for chapter communications.

6. OurHouse — Fraternity Management Software

Fraternity Management Software Overview

If you’ve ever encountered a disconnect when trying to communicate with your fraternity’s members, you know the impact smart communication tools can make.

OurHouse is an excellent chapter management software designed to revitalize the way your brothers communicate and optimize the process of getting information out to your chapter.

OurHouse’s Top Chapter Management Software Features

OurHouse helps your chapter communicate with tools including:

  • Their official app that can be used by your entire chapter on iOS or Android devices.
  • Personal and group messaging to bring your members together.
  • Push notification news updates to get the word out to your brothers.
  • Meal planning software that helps your chapter build menus and plan catering.
  • Events management features that enable your team to plan and promote events.

How OurHouse’s Fraternity Management Solution Stands Out

We really like that OurHouse makes an effort to seamlessly integrate their communication solution into the everyday social media routines of your brothers.

Because their platform is hosted through a convenient smartphone app, your chapter will always be able to access their entire suite of features and stay connected.

Check out OurHouse's fraternity management software for chapter communications.


Wild Apricot's chapter management software works well for overseeing your membership.

7. Wild Apricot — Fraternity Management Software

Fraternity Management Software Overview

Wild Apricot is another comprehensive fraternity management software that offers users a host of key chapter management tools to optimize operations and strengthen their brotherhood.

With their membership features and automations, there’s no limit to what your team can do to make managing your fraternity more intuitive and less labor intensive.

Wild Apricot’s Top Chapter Management Software Features

Wild Apricot empowers fraternities with a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Online payment processing that allows your chapter to collect dues and donations.
  • Email communication tools to help your fraternity manage email engagement.
  • A website builder that empowers your chapter to build smart web pages.
  • Mobile solutions that give your team the ability to manage operations on their smartphone.
  • Event registration tools that make it easy for your team to oversee events.

How Wild Apricot’s Fraternity Management Solution Stands Out

Wild Apricot stands out because they serve a wide range of clientele including fraternities, sororities, and all sorts of university associations.

Since their customers are so diverse, your chapter can count on Wild Apricot having the experience and know-how to help your fraternity reach its goals.

Check out Wild Apricot's expert fraternity management software for Greek associations.


YourMembership is a standout fraternity management software platform.

8. YourMembership — Fraternity Management Software

Fraternity Management Software Overview

With YourMembership’s diverse array of fraternity membership management solutions, your chapter can learn more about your community while building a smarter strategy.

Since their tools are driven by data, you can trust that YourMembership’s fraternity management platform will have the software you need to grow your brotherhood and reach your goals.

YourMembership’s Top Chapter Management Software Features

YourMembership’s unique suite of fraternity management software includes:

  • A CRM to help your chapter gain insight on your membership and interactions.
  • Marketing tools to help your fraternity spread the word about your brotherhood.
  • Workflow automation to make it easier for your team to manage operations.
  • Dashboards and reporting tools to help illustrate the success of your strategy.
  • Event management software that makes it easy to carry our fraternity’s events.

How YourMembership’s Fraternity Management Solution Stands Out

One of the reasons we love YourMembership is because their platform is designed to foster a sense of community among your chapter’s members.

Their social tools lay the groundwork for building an online community for your fraternity that boosts engagement and strengthens bonds between your members.

Check out YourMembership's top chapter management software platform.


Finding the right fraternity management solution for your chapter can be challenging. But, with these stand-out chapter management software tools, your team is sure to find the best solution for your members!

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8 Next-Level Fraternity Management Software Solutions