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How to Plan an Effective Capital Campaign Using New Tools and Technology

If there is a capital campaign in your future, this session is for you! A capital campaign is likely the largest amount your organization has ever tried to raise… often even 10 times more than you currently raise. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! There are tools, technology, and virtual resources to help you on your path. Learn how to prepare for a campaign and create a campaign plan using the latest tools to ensure your campaign is a success. You will: Learn the critical stages and timeline of a campaign; Identify new resources available to help make your campaign effective and affordable; and, Leave feeling confident and empowered about planning a successful campaign.

CFRE Continuing Education Webinars

Emily Marcason-Tolmie

Prospect Research 101 The Nuts and Bolts

New to prospect research? Learn the deeper meanings of professional research methodologies and why employing prospect research in your shop will pay off. Topics discussed will be discovering prospects, assessing capacity, and how to present what you’ve uncovered to fundraisers. Think of this as your Introduction to Prospect Research 101 course.

Emily Heck

Using a Marketing Approach to Giving Days

With the rise of digital fundraising, giving days have become a necessary addition to annual fundraising plans for nonprofits and education organizations. However, giving days typically contradict the old school giving strategies many organizations and fundraising professionals know and trust. Using a marketing approach to your online giving day can increase the awareness and engagement of your donors not only on the day, but long term. This session will share how to integrate a marketing approach to online giving days and ideas you can use for your next online giving campaign.

Bathsheba Philpott

Entrepreneurial Approaches to CFR Fundraising Success

This session will explore tactics and strategies to expand the base of donor support with a focus on companies and foundations. The session’s presenter will discuss approaches to help facilitate successful cultivation and solicitation strategies to expand fundraising success with corporate and foundation prospects and donors. Key topics will include making the right connection, understanding your audience, concept and proposal development and strategic stewardship.

Gail Perry and Dr. Kathryn Gamble

Close More Major Gifts: Use Wealth Screening to Focus on the Right Potential Donors

Discover how to find your hidden High Opportunity Donors within your screening data. We’ll show you how the screening helps you save time, focus on the right people, and close more major gifts. Remember, data is only useful if you understand how to utilize it to shape strategy! You’ll discover how to: Reach your fundraising potential by building a Major Gift Plan; Create a prioritized workable list of suspects and prospects based on your screening; Craft a Fundraising by the Numbers system to manage your major gift fundraising process; Approach promising “cold prospects” who are identified in your screening report.

Gasby Brown

Think Like A Nonprofit, Act Like A Business

What can nonprofits learn from business practices? M. Gasby Brown will present an overview of her upcoming book, Think Like a Nonprofit, Act Like a Business. Highlights will include the importance of strategic planning, board engagement, donor relations, as well as the need for a concise mission and vision statement, and much more. This session will provide nonprofit leaders with tools to reflect on their current operating model and make adjustments for maximum impact. Participants should have their current mission and vision statements handy for reference.

Dr. Kenna Barrett

"Making the Ask" for Introverts: Master the Art and Science of Successful Asking

Introverts can, and should, be front-line fundraisers. But how can introverts master the high-touch nature of individual philanthropy? Using empirical research and personal anecdotes, Dr. Kenna Barrett debunks myths about fundraisers, reverse-engineers the “ask” conversation, shows why small talk makes a big difference, and teaches you to prepare for unexpected responses. Join us for insights useful to introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between!

Russell James, J.D., Ph.D., CFP®

Socratic Fundraising: Using questions to advance the donor's journey

Fundraising often focuses on making “the ask.” But appreciative inquiry uses questions throughout the relationship to help the donor discover their own reasons for making a transformational donation. Professor James starts with the “why” from research, theory, and experience and then moves to the “how” of exactly what questions to ask, in what order, and for what purpose. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of major gift decision processes and plenty of real-world “magic” questions to try out right away.