Data-Driven Strategies for the Nonprofit Sector Based on GivingUSA 2023

Join nonprofit leaders from across the region as we reflect on Giving USA’s most recent results and discuss the current philanthropic climate.

We will take note of 2022’s biggest headlines, as well as what we can expect in 2023. Observing these trends will allow us to decide how to address sector issues proactively.

Following a brief presentation, this event will feature small breakout conversations around key trends and insights.

Attendees will be among the first to hear the results of Giving USA’s research, and we will provide space for leaders to discuss the adapting world from their perspectives.

In this session, you will learn how:

  • Technology and consumer brands are shaping what today’s donor expects, and how your nonprofit should shift engagement strategies.
  • Modern nonprofits have pivoted from broadcast to responsive fundraising to build lasting relationships with all their donors and sustain mission-critical funding.
  • Responsive Fundraising empowers nonprofits to tap into responsive fundraising, and build lasting relationships with ALL their supporters at scale.

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