Dynamic Catholic Success Story

Sarah Richards, Research Analyst at Dynamic Catholic, praises DonorSearch for our role in efficiently supporting Dynamic Catholic’s mission, particularly in achieving a $25 million campaign for their Catholic Moments programs. The decision to partner with us was influenced by our accuracy in results, seamless integration with Salesforce, and the valuable resources that we offer to the nonprofit community.

Sarah Richards, Research Analyst, Dynamic Catholic:

“At DonorSearch, you’re not just purchasing a product. You’re actually choosing a partner to help in your fundraising journey.”

“My name is Sarah and I am blessed to be the research analyst here at Dynamic Catholic. At Dynamic Catholic, our mission is to re-energize the Catholic church in America by developing world-class resources. One of the things that we are actually known for is our dollar a book program. The fundraising and research efforts to make that possible are really important to making life changing books and resources available to parishes so they can impact more lives.”

“DonorSearch is an amazing partner to help us be the best stewards of our resources. It helps make our fundraising more efficient.”

“We used DonorSearch to help achieve a $25 million campaign to make our Catholic Moments programs possible and free. One of the reasons we went with DonorSearch was because of the accuracy of the results. We sent a batch of sample records, which included some people that we knew very well, to DonorSearch and some other vendors and what came back was that DonorSearch had the most accurate results.”

“One of the other things that we love about DonorSearch and one of the reasons that we chose them as a partner is because of DonorSearch’s seamless integration with Salesforce. We can actually batch records seamlessly all at the same time – we can basically in a couple clicks of a button, get the information we need.”

“The resources that DonorSearch provides to the nonprofit community is another great benefit. Choosing DonorSearch was pretty much a no-brainer.”

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