Giving USA 2022: Donor Advised Funds

Join Presenters: Ryan Woroniecki: Advisor, DonorSearch and Board Member, The Giving Institute. Lisa Stratton​: Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Arizona Community Foundation.Victoria Kelberer: Research and Strategy Group Manager, Vanguard Charitable. Karima Amlani: Vice President of Development, Senior Leadership,Community Foundation of Greater Flint

In 2016 National Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) including Vanguard Charitable managed $45 billion in assets, in 2020 that number more than doubled to over $100 billion. National, Single Issue, and Community Foundation managed DAFs are becoming the go-to generosity vehicle for the wealthy, and even some in the middle class, but there are still many questions about DAFs and DAF giving:
How do people give to and from DAFs
What kinds of organizations do DAF holders give to?
How much money actually leaves the DAF and goes to nonprofit organizations?
How, and how often, does a DAF sponsoring organization help DAF holders decide where to give?
This year, The Giving USA Report included a DAF Chapter with answers to many of these questions and more. Our panel discussion includes experts from DAF sponsoring organizations who will help synthesize this information and share their lived experiences over the past few years. If you want to understand the way some of your biggest donors and potential donors give, this session is for you.

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