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Bill TeDesco, Founder & CEO, DonorSearch: “I don’t think the awareness of the fact that the market of people who are going to be charitable is actually getting a little bit smaller each year. And until we figure out how to stop that as a country culturally, then we’ve got to make sure that we are helping our clients raise money. A little bit more efficiently. A little bit more effectively. It’s just the nature of it – you’ll always have to innovate.”

At DonorSearch, we are a proud member of the Giving Institute.

The 2023 Giving USA Report provides valuable insight into the state of the022 charitable contributions.

According to the report, we saw giving from all sources, including individuals, foundations, bequests, and corporations decrease.

Over a 2 years period, however, foundations and corporations experienced positive growth.

At DonorSearch, we are a team of thought leaders staying on top of giving trends to help your organization thrive. 

DonorSearch’s SVP Nathan Chappell, discusses how radical connection is key to overcoming these challenges in the Generosity Crisis.

Nathan Chappell, Senior Vice President, DonorSearch Ai: “I realize that, while maybe not the most popular title or conversation that you would put out there to make friends, it was something that needed to be put out into the world to create awareness about this idea that less people, as a percentage, are giving less. 

Our hope is that is the second really big area of awareness: that more is not better. Go inside. Build and forge authentic relationships and those individuals will stay with you for a long time.”

The key to prevention for continued decline is forming radical connections and using the best-in-class technology to identify people who can and will make a difference right now.

Sarah TeDesco, Executive Vice President, DonorSearch: “It’s always been our mission at DonorSearch to lead the way. It’s always been our mission to improve different processes and make things more effective. And now, with DSAi, it takes it to a whole other level.”

DonorSearch is leading the way. Providing the technology and skills your nonprofit needs to succeed.

Nathan Chappell: “It’s about looking inward at your own but also how you are modeling that to other people. And that’s what our hope is – is that people will ideally become more generous.”

At DonorSearch, we know that amidst these challenges, nonprofits can survive and thrive. 

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