Leading the way with Responsible AI

Nathan Chappell: “It goes in line with what the nonprofit industry believes – we do things together to achieve things that neither of us could do alone. For DonorSearch, it goes beyond just us being the best data science company, but also the most responsible data science company in the industry.”

At DonorSearch, we follow the Responsible AI framework. 

Sarah TeDesco: “At DonorSearch, we are leading the way with Responsible AI. We are committed to ensuring that nonprofits can not only trust us, but they can also trust the data and the solutions that we are providing for them.”

Pat TeDesco: “We are going to prove that DonorSearch did it right every single time and if you want to see it every single time, great. But if you want to see it on occasion, it’ll be there waiting for you where we open up the box and show you what’s inside and how we got to that conclusion.”

Scott Rosenkrans: “By being at the forefront of introducing custom machine-learning models to nonprofits and by doing so responsibly, we are really showing the rest of the sector how it can be done.”

Nathan Chappell: “It’s not enough that we are just delivering better results to organizations, we, as an organization, believe that we have a higher level of responsibility to ensure that our AI is transparent and responsible and explainable and that feels really good.”

Cecelia Poplin: “I feel really great that we are not just bringing AI solutions to our industry to help forward their fundraising efforts, help them achieve those great goals so they can successfully complete or work on their missions, but that we are doing it in a very positive way by following the Responsible AI framework.”

Ali Azizkeya: “It’s wonderful to see how successful DSAi has been and will continue to grow.”

Bill TeDesco: “The goal is to bring innovation that helps a given development professional do more so that they can continue to pursue their missions and at the same time be more efficient at it.”

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