Proven Results for Healthcare Organizations

Deb Dressely, Senior Project Research Associate, Children’s Minnesota Foundation: “Our Planned Giving Officer said it’s one of the best returns he’s ever seen.”

Text: At DonorSearch, we know that healthcare fundraising is an essential component of any successful development strategy for healthcare institutions. That’s why our team of industry leaders created fundraising solutions with your healthcare organization in mind. Since 2007, we’ve been providing more accurate, comprehensive, and actionable data to healthcare organizations of all sizes. 

Dan Lantz, MA, Director of Foundation Operations, Children’s Minnesota Foundation:

“Children’s Minnesota has used DonorSearch insights to solution to reduce the total number of donors that we’re sending to, which has provided us savings. While mailing to less donors, we are more targeted. We’re using the data from DonorSearch and we’ve seen our annual giving donor gift size increase. 

April Witkowski, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation:

“I feel that the prospects that we are getting from DonorSearch and putting in portfolios are staying in portfolios longer. I think they are truer prospects than maybe who we were identifying in the past.”

Deb Dressely: “We’ve seen incredible results from the onset. Whether it was choosing the people who go into a mailing or choosing the people who go into a portfolio, the results that we’ve seen speak for themselves and they’re higher than anything we’ve experienced in the past. I would say that that means that Ai is on target and continually improving and that means that we get a better chance of reaching our goals.”

Scott Friedrich, DSAi Solutions Architect, Former Healthcare Fundraising Consultant”

“Data is transforming everything and, dare I say, isn’t immune to that trend. We are so excited that we are now able to look at data as a meaningful starting point and look at service lines entirely differently.”

Text: DonorSearch Ai uses artificial intelligence to give healthcare organizations actionable insights.

Scott Friedrich: “DonorSearch and DSAi really elevated our ability to isolate our target and reach out to philanthropic partners that want to change the healthcare space in a positive way. And I am just so thrilled that we are able to utilize this data.”

Deb Dressely: “DonorSearch has a wealth of expertise and one of the things they do so well is they allow everyone to shine.”

April Witkowski: “I absolutely would recommend DonorSearch to others. I’m really glad that others recommended it to me. And I definitely think it’s a better product for us. It’s more realistic, the customer service is great, they’re always trying to improve and create new things. It’s on the cutting edge, I believe.”

Text: Partnering with DonorSearch means a partnership with industry experts trained in healthcare philanthropy. DonorSearch’s cutting-edge Ai brings your institution a healthcare fundraising strategy with powerful and proven results.

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