University of Buffalo School of Nursing

Amanda Rebeck from the University of Buffalo School of Nursing credits DonorSearch for their pivotal role in successfully advancing a billion-dollar campaign. She highlights how the tool efficiently pinpointed potential donors from a large pool of nursing alumni, aligning perfectly with the school’s strategic goals. Rebeck underscores the significance of using expert resources like DonorSearch to achieve and even surpass fundraising objectives.

Amanda Rebeck, Associate Director of Advancement, University of Buffalo, School of Nursing: 

“The results speak for themselves. We are going to a billion dollar campaign ahead of schedule. Having the tools to help us identify the best process is part of contributing to that success.”

“I’m Amanda Rebeck and I am the Associate Director of Advancement at the University of Buffalo School of Nursing.”

“Working at an educational institution, my prospects are mainly alumni of the institution – we have about 8 thousand nursing alumni. So, we really need the help of software like DonorSearch to be able to get through our database and find the best prospects that have the most affinity, that have the wealth that we can match with what some of our priorities are moving forward.”

“I love that we use DonorSearch because they have a track record of success! I know that the tools that we have and our prospects research team utilizes these tools is what helps me succeed as a fundraiser.”

“I love to tell people about the vendors that we use and I am proud of the fact that we are in a billion dollar capital campaign, we are going to reach that goal ahead of schedule and I love telling people the tools that we have that are helping us do that.”

“Take advantage of all of the experts out there and the tools that they have and it will pay off in the long run with your goals.”

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