By DonorSearch

Marriottsville, Maryland: DonorSearch today announced a new partnership with Affinaquest.

This partnership will combine the power of the Affinaquest platform with DonorSearch’s donor intelligence, launching DonorQuest powered by DonorSearch, a game-changing new approach to prospect research and managing major gift portfolios.

We’re excited to partner with Affinaquest to bring innovative new solutions to the education and healthcare market. DonorSearch has always focused on empowering nonprofits to achieve their missions, and our collaboration with industry leaders like Affinaquest are essential in those efforts.

Bill TeDesco, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DonorSearch

Features and benefits of DonorQuest powered by Donorsearch: 

  • Initial batch review of up to 20,000 prospects across all major giving portfolios.

  • Detailed profiles with over 65 different data points stored inside the CRM record.

  • Automated refresh of screening results for major gift portfolios every week with push notifications of significant wealth changes or new donations found.

  • Real-time relationship mapping in the Affinaquest platform based on known nonprofit board affiliations.

  • Optional full database screening or DonorSearch ProspectView Subscriptions are connected directly to the CRM.

We’re delighted to be working with DonorSearch on this project. By combining our best-in-class products, we’re able to offer our customers a new level of innovative service in support of their important missions.

James Warner, Chief Strategy Officer, Affinaquest

About DonorSearch

At DonorSearch, we know that philanthropy markers connect what is in someone’s heart – their aspirations in life – to their capacity to give to a nonprofit organization. Founded in 2007 and built upon years of experience in philanthropy, our mission is to provide more nonprofits with actionable data and insights that help fundraisers connect more deeply with the right donors. Our purpose and approach at DonorSearch are centered around helping more nonprofits identify, expand, predict and connect. By identifying the right donors, expanding your donor list, and using our intelligent and empowering technology to predict giving behavior, you can and will connect with the right donors at the right time.

About Affinaquest

Powered by Salesforce, Affinaquest is a leading provider of advancement software and services to educational institutions. Affinaquest was the Salesforce 2020 Sales Partner of the Year (ISV Education AMER). 

DonorSearch and Affinaquest Partnership