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By DonorSearch

Marriottsville, Maryland: DonorSearch today announced DonorSearch Aristotle Health’s release, a new fundraising solution that maximizes artificial intelligence to make fundraising smarter. Developed by experts in grateful patient philanthropy, DonorSearch Aristotle Health provides actionable insights through an interactive visualization tool that integrates multiple datasets and machine-learning, resulting in high-performing grateful patient programs.

DonorSearch Aristotle Health aims to transform grateful patient philanthropy with Artificial Intelligence.

DonorSearch Aristotle Health is an incredibly logical and exciting step in the development of better fundraising tools for our clients. Essentially, we are using everything we have learned from the past 15 years and by working with over 10,000 clients to deliver more effective and actionable insights.

Bill TeDesco

Features and benefits of DonorSearch Aristotle Health include:

  • Allows clients to easily navigate between multiple datasets by integrating Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and DonorSearch wealth screening.
  • Intuitive real-time scoring within an interactive visualization tool that includes more than 70 fields and 45 filters, providing access to hundreds of use cases and actionable insights.
  • Utilizes best-in-class machine learning technology to quickly predict the likelihood of giving based on a patient’s unique experience.
  • The national healthcare model leverages DonorSearch’s proprietary dataset and experience supporting philanthropic insight to more than 6300 active clients.
  • Completely integrated machine learning and visualization solution within DonorSearch’s HIPAA secure cloud environment making access available 24/7.

With DonorSearch Aristotle, we’re fundamentally aiming to change the historical practices that singularly target wealthy patients for solicitation purposes.  By combining DonorSearch’s proprietary datasets, client data, and machine learning to predict a patient’s likelihood to give, our national healthcare platform is the first of its kind and will establish a new best practice in healthcare philanthropy.

Nathan Chappell

Fundraise smarter with DonorSearch Aristotle Health.

For more information on how DonorSearch Aristotle Health can transform your grateful patient efforts, visit here.


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DonorSearch Releases First Nonprofit Vertical Solution for Healthcare Philanthropy