These fundraising consulting firms will help your organization reach its revenue goals.

Top 25+ Fundraising Consulting Firms for Better Fundraising

Every nonprofit can use a little help now and then.

Fundraising consulting firms are chock full of valuable information and insight, and they can help your nonprofit build sustainable strategies and solutions.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 25+ fundraising consulting firms with the expertise to help your nonprofit succeed!

  1. Donorly – Donor Research
  2. BWF – Data-Driven Fundraising
  3. Greater Mission – Community Engagement
  4. Loop – Branding and Design
  5. GivingMail – Direct Mail Design Consultant
  6. Aly Sterling Philanthropy – Sustainable Solutions
  7. Labyrinth – State Charity Registration
  8. Meyer Partners – Multichannel Marketing Consultant
  9. DNL OmniMedia – Technology Consulting
  10. Artisan E-Learning – E-Learning Content Development
  11. Cornershop Creative – Digital Fundraising
  12. Grants Plus – Grants Consulting
  13. Averill Fundraising Solutions – Campaign Planning
  14. Getting Attention – Google Grant Management
  15. Bristol Strategy Group – Board Development
  16. Swaim Strategies – Fundraising Events
  17. Gail Perry Group – Major Giving
  18. Brian Lacy and Associates – Annual Giving
  19. J.F. Smith Group – Campaign Management
  20. Alexander Haas – Development Assessments
  21. Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt – Post-Campaign Assessment
  22. Jeffrey Byrne & Associates – Feasibility Studies
  23. Westfall Gold – Event Consulting
  24. CCS Fundraising – Global Initiatives
  25. Graham-Pelton – Operational Assessments
  26. Changing Our World – Capacity Building
  27. Schultz & Williams – Analytics and Digital Campaigns
  28. Aspire Research Group – Prospect Research
  29. Munshine Group – Communications Management
  30. The Covenant Group – Strategic Planning
  31. Phoenix Philanthropy – International Fundraising
  32. Capstone Advanacement Partners – Strategic Planning
  33. Richner & Richner – Organizational Infrastructure
  34. Casey Woodard Consulting – Sustainable Giving
  35. A. von Schlegell & Co – Women’s Philanthropy
  36. Focus Fundraising – Donor Base Expansion

Donorly is a research-based fundraising consulting firm.


⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Donorly emerged about six years ago as an expert prospect research firm.

Now, after significantly growing their team and realizing that the small and mid-sized organizations they work with require a more comprehensive solution, the firm operates as a full-service consulting firm.

⊕ Consulting services

Donorly’s consulting services include:

  • Subscription-based donor research.
  • “The Fiscal Year Fix,” a one-year holistic transformation.
  • Interim staffing and team coaching.
  • Capital campaign counsel and feasibility studies.
  • Grants strategy and management.

Donorly understands that fundraising consulting isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and will build custom solutions to meet your organization’s needs. Explore Donorly's fundraising consulting firm services.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Donorly’s goal is to provide small and mid-sized nonprofits with the needed staff power to increase their capacity, helping them meet and exceed their fundraising goals. They do this with a hands-on approach. Rather than working with an external team, Donorly consultants will walk alongside your team in-house.

Our recommendation is built on more than Donorly’s collaborative nature, however. This full-service consulting firm has extensive experience in researching donors and prospects and will equip your team with in-depth knowledge to build your strategy.

Whether you’re seeking data to inform your fundraising strategy or a firm that can build a holistic strategic plan off of that data, Donorly can elevate your team’s fundraising. Visit this fundraising consulting firm's website.Learn more about Donorly!

BWF is a trusted fundraising consulting firm for nonprofits, universities, hospitals, and other organizations looking to improve their strategies.


Overview of the consulting firm

BWF has been a trusted partner in the philanthropic sector since its founding in 1983.

With expertise in data-driven fundraising, BWF serves colleges, universities, arts and cultural organizations, hospitals and academic medical centers, faith-based organizations, and many other nonprofits looking to build impactful campaigns that power their missions.

Consulting services

BWF’s consulting services include:

BWF offers these fundraising consulting services, such as campaign planning and prospect development.
  • Campaign planning and management
  • Prospect development
  • Data science and analytics
  • Leadership training
  • Donor engagement
  • CRM analysis and conversion
  • Business process optimization

Combining years of fundraising experience with the latest technological innovations, BWF creates tailored solutions customized to each client’s needs.

Why we recommend them

BWF’s AI-driven analytics and fundraising solutions use each organization’s internal database to develop individualized models that help predict future fundraising results. Every organization is left with a custom analytics solution they can use to build on past fundraising successes for even greater support in the future.

Plus, BWF’s services extend beyond the typical consulting firm model. In addition to offering guidance and advice, BWF connects directly with donors to learn more about how they think, feel, and behave. Then, organizations work with BWF to segment supporters, create streamlined donor journeys, and convert more prospects into true supporters.

This is the homepage for BWF, an experienced fundraising consulting firm.

Learn more about BWF!

Greater Mission is a Catholic fundraising consulting firm that serves faith-based organizations.

Greater Mission

Overview of the consulting firm

A dedicated Catholic fundraising consulting firm, Greater Mission is committed to assisting dioceses, parishes, Catholic Charities, schools and ministry organizations meet their fundraising goals.

Greater Mission places a particular emphasis on serving the Hispanic population, a mission backed up by a 40% bilingual staff.

⊕ Consulting services

Greater Mission’s services include:

  • Capital campaigns.
  • Annual Giving programs and appeals.
  • Offertory program – Amen Generosity.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Major gift fundraising.

The Greater Mission team offers a special long-term program called “With All Your Heart” that aims to build up individual parishes. Greater Mission is a top nonprofit consulting firm that offers these services to the faith-based sector.

⊕ Why we recommend them

If you’re a Catholic diocese on the East Coast and you want to launch a major capital campaign, the Greater Mission team might be the perfect partner for you!

It’s not just capital campaigns that make Greater Mission an asset to the Catholic charitable community. Parishes can implement the “With All Your Heart” model to bring their community closer together. Explore Greater Mission's website to learn more about this fundraising consulting firm's work.Learn more about Greater Mission!

Loop is one of our favorite fundraising consulting firms.

Loop: Design for Social Good

Overview of the Consulting Firm

Loop: Design for Social Good is a full-service creative agency that caters to a wide range of nonprofits and organizations in the mission-driven space.

Founded in 2012, their team prides themselves on their ability to support people who spark positive social change around the world through their strategic branding, design, and web development consulting services.

Consulting Services

Loop’s consulting services include:

Loop is one of our favorite fundraising consulting firms.
  • Existing brand audits
  • Creation of brand essence, stories, and language
  • Development of logos, typography, and graphics
  • Digital content strategy, web design, and UX/UI prototyping
  • Web integrations with CRMs and donation platforms

Whether you’re a part of an up-and-coming organization with little to no existing branding, an established nonprofit aiming to reinvent itself, or a growing team looking to strengthen your position in the space, Loop’s consulting services have a solution for you.

Why We Recommend Them

Loop’s work transcends that of a typical fundraising consultant. Through their branding, visual identity, graphic design, and web development services, Loop empowers philanthropic organizations with the tools they need to reach their audiences and serve their communities.

Plus, they understand that not every organization has a ton of money to spend on web development, so they work to provide flexible solutions to nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.

Loop is one of our favorite fundraising consulting firms.

Learn more about Loop: Design for Social Good!

GivingMail is one of our favorite fundraising consulting firms.


Overview of the Consulting Firm

GivingMail is a web-to-print direct mail platform and design consulting firm for nonprofits. For organizations looking to spread the word about their fundraising efforts and collect much-needed revenue for their missions, GivingMail just might be the perfect solution.

Consulting Services

GivingMail’s unique fundraising consulting services include:

  • Direct mail marketing for nonprofits.
  • Fundraising letters and postcards.
  • Easy-to-use web-to-print platform.
  • Free, customizable templates.
  • Letter design help and web app.

Of course, once you have your mailings drafted and ready to send, you need to know where to send them. If you don’t already have an existing base of support, GivingMail can even provide lists of prospective donors to rent.

Why We Recommend Them

We recommend GivingMail as our favorite direct mail design consultant because they allow organizations of all shapes and sizes to create beautiful and impactful mailings without requiring too much upfront investment. In fact, working with the GivingMail team can actually help your nonprofit save money that you would have spent on supplies and mailing costs on your own!

GivingMail is one of our favorite fundraising consulting firms.

Learn more about GivingMail!

Aly Sterling is a fantastic capital campaign consultant for medium-sized nonprofits.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Often lauded for its sustainable fundraising approach, Aly Sterling Philanthropy is the top full-service fundraising consulting firm for nonprofit organizations.

Working with your organization rather than for it, the Aly Sterling Philanthropy team can guide your organization through the highs and lows of nonprofit operations. For organizations currently trying to stay the course during the COVID-19 pandemic, this team can be a powerful resource.

⊕ Consulting services

Aly Sterling Philanthropy’s services include:

  • Donor crisis communications.
  • Fundraising solutions.
  • Nonprofit strategic planning.
  • Board leadership development.

In addition to these services, Aly Sterling Philanthropy also maintains a helpful blog and provides valuable online resources for nonprofits looking to improve their operations. Most recently, they’ve provided a free crisis response toolkit for nonprofits navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore Aly Sterling Philanthropy's services.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Aly Sterling Philanthropy offers comprehensive consulting services to help nonprofits during times of triumph and times of crisis. Whether that means formulating a plan for donor stewardship during a crisis or creating a strategic development plan appropriate for the economic conditions— the Aly Sterling Philanthropy team has a plan.

This consulting firm remains cognizant of the fundraising landscape. From researching government relief options for nonprofit operations to recognizing when it’s time to diversify fundraising revenue, Aly Sterling Philanthropy has its hand on the pulse of current events and how organizations can best continue operations.

They have the experience and knowledge to help your organization overcome any fundraising challenges that come your way.

Aly Sterling has a whole list of nonprofit services that her consulting firm provides.Learn more about Aly Sterling Philanthropy!

Labyrinth is a fundraising consulting firm that offers state registration services.


⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Staying up-to-date with charitable registration can be very complex and time-consuming. Oftentimes, this is out of reach for many charities that don’t have the personnel on staff to conduct sufficient research and complete the necessary processes.

Labyrinth recognizes this challenge, and for more than 30 years, their expert team has given clients peace of mind by handling every aspect of the charitable state registration process. They’ll work with your organization to determine your specific registration requirements, prepare all necessary paperwork, and act as your liaison with your state.

⊕ Consulting services

Labyrinth’s charity registration services include:

  • Registration form preparation.
  • Applicable extension requests.
  • Fundraising license acquisition.
  • Corporate registration and annual report filing.
  • Reliable registered agents.
  • A number of other services.

Labyrinth focuses on making the registration process as simple as possible. That way, the organizations that trust them can concentrate on making strategic progress and fulfilling their missions. Labyrinth's fundraising consulting firm offers these helpful charity registration services.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Based on the number of charity state registrations they do per year, Labyrinth is the number one charity registration firm nationwide. They file tens of thousands of state registrations every year and handle every aspect of the registration process.

Not to mention, they put client satisfaction at the forefront of their approach. Their personalized dedication to customer service means your team can expect quick, thorough responses, and you’ll feel confident that you’re in good hands. Check out Labyrinth's website to learn more about this fundraising consulting firm.Learn more about Labyrinth!

Meyer Partners is a top fundraising consultant for direct mail.

Meyer Partners

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Meyer Partners is a full-service nonprofit marketing agency dedicated to helping nonprofits maximize returns on their fundraising efforts.

Nonprofits often struggle with messaging. With only a few seconds to a few minutes to connect with donors in a fundraising appeal, it’s difficult to know how to use this precious window to effectively inspire a donation. The Meyer Partners team is full of experienced fundraising experts who know how, when, and where to communicate with donors to drive them to contribute. And that’s not even close to all Meyer Partners offers.

⊕ Consulting servicesMeyer Partners is a fundraising consultant that offers direct mail services.

Meyer Partners’ services for nonprofits include the following:

  • Direct response fundraising (print and digital)
  • Email campaigns
  • Landing page optimization
  •  Disaster response fundraising
  • Data analytics services
  • Donor cultivation and upgrade campaigns

With your marketing needs safely in Meyer Partners’ hands, your organization can focus on cultivating lasting, meaningful relationships with your donors.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Meyer Partners is both a data-driven and human-driven communications agency. They prioritize storytelling and building connections with supporters while also remaining deeply data-driven and results-oriented.

Meyer Partners will not only craft a meaningful message that your donors want to hear, but they’ll also effectively implement this message across an integrated, multichannel campaign.

From awareness to engagement, fundraising, and retention, Meyer Partners has the skills, passion, and creativity to effectively engage your nonprofit’s community of supporters and further your cause.

Visit Meyer Partners' website to find out more about this nonprofit fundraising consultant.

Learn more about Meyer Partners! DML OmniMedia is a fundraising consulting firm that offers web design services.

DNL OmniMedia

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

DNL OmniMedia is a nonprofit consulting expert on everything technology. They’re particularly skilled at developing strategies to unite your tech, fundraising, and development goals.

They know firsthand how strong web design paired with the right software can translate into serious improvements in a nonprofit’s ability to raise support across all digital channels. 

⊕ Consulting services

DNL OmniMedia’s core services include:

  • Nonprofit website design and development.
  • Custom software integrations and implementation.
  • Digital and event marketing strategy.
  • Advocacy app development and design.
  • Online content and data migration.

DNL OmniMedia works with top nonprofit platforms like the Blackbaud suite, Salesforce, Salsa, WordPress, and more. DNL OmniMedia is your nonprofit's go-to web consulting agency.

⊕ Why we recommend them

If your organization is looking for superb technology solutions, then DNL OmniMedia is your fundraising consulting firm. Each consultant has experience working with organizations including nonprofits in higher education, healthcare, human services, and animal welfare.

This nonprofit consulting firm makes it easy for you to manage all of your digital needs with seamless marketing programs grounded in web, mobile, and data solutions.

With influential clients like the ALS Association and Paralyzed Veterans of America, DNL OmniMedia is always ready to go the distance in supporting your nonprofit’s philanthropic goals. To learn more, contact Team DNL today. DNL OmniMedia is a top fundraising consulting firm.Learn more about DNL OmniMedia!

Artisan E-Learning is a top consulting firm for e-learning development.

Artisan E-Learning

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Artisan E-Learning is a custom e-learning content development firm that’s worked with businesses, associations, and nonprofits like yours. This firm’s goal is to empower your staff and volunteers to do their jobs better through custom e-learning courses.

Whether you’re looking to create long-form courses on the science behind securing major gifts, microlearning courses walking through donation solicitation scenarios, or even quick job aids to help your team navigate a new CRM, the Artisan team can develop custom training resources to improve your fundraising.

⊕ Consulting services

The team at Artisan E-Learning will:

  • Develop custom training materials.
  • Translate and localize existing materials.
  • Convert existing courses from Flash to HTML-5.
  • Create templates and prototypes for future courses.

Artisan E-Learning can help whether you’re seeking comprehensive, multi-module programs or to-the-point microlearning experiences.

This image displays Artisan E-Learnings e-learning consulting services.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Artisan E-Learning works closely with your organization’s subject matter experts to ensure they deliver valuable fundraising training materials for your team. However, the value of an Artisan-created course doesn’t peak when it’s first released to your organization.

Artisan also provides all source files used to create a course upon delivery. That way you can update the course as time goes on,  whether working with the Artisan team to do so or tackling the challenge yourself.

These materials can be effective for training your fundraising staff and volunteers for years to come, even through the emergence of new fundraising channels or changing prospect research best practices.

Visit Artisan E-Learning's site today to learn more about their e-learning consulting services.Learn more about Artisan E-Learning!

Learn more about Cornershop Creative's top fundraising consulting firm for digital design.

Cornershop Creative

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Cornershop Creative is a digital design consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations create and customize their websites for better user experience and supporter interactions. 

Because they work specifically with nonprofit organizations, the Cornershop Creative team understands how to engage supporters and drive them toward your donation page. They’ll help you set up the calls-to-action on your site to drive fundraising traffic, and their solutions integrate with some of the top CRMs so that you can record interactions with supporters easily and efficiently.

⊕ Consulting services

Cornershop Creative’s services for nonprofits include the following: 

  • Website design
  • Custom web development
  • Microsite and campaign site development
  • Campaign implementation
  • WordPress support and maintenance

The Cornershop Creative team understands the increased importance of virtual engagement with your supporters during a time when most in-person interactions are canceled or at least severely limited. They won’t leave you hanging after your site is well-designed. They’ll stick around and help you with security updates and upkeep on the site. Learn more about Cornershop Creative's fundraising consulting services.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Cornershop Creative works with the top CMS platforms on the market and are extremely well-versed with WordPress sites. They’ll help you customize your website, plugins, and microsites to best reflect your brand and mission. 

They work with your nonprofit rather than for you. They’ll listen to your ideas and have the experience to put those ideas into action. 

When supporters visit your website, they’re typically looking for a specific piece of information. They want to know more about your mission, options for contributions, and other information about how to get involved. The folks at Cornershop Creative can help your organization design a focused, engaging site that helps supporters easily navigate through information to find everything they need. Visit Cornershop Creative's website to learn more about their fundraising consulting services.Learn more about Cornershop Creative!

Grants Plus is a grant fundraising consulting firm that helps nonprofits of all sizes!

Grants Plus — Our Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Grants Plus is a nonprofit grants consulting expert. The firm concentrates on helping nonprofits secure grant funding through a variety of services.

Their team is the behind-the-scenes engine that powers organizations’ grant efforts. Through their expert guidance, Grants Plus enables mission-driven organizations to focus on stewarding funders and reaching their grant goals.

⊕ Consulting services

Grants Plus’s core services include:

  • Comprehensive grant prospect research.
  • Grant writing.
  • Grant review.
  • Training sessions.

Best of all, they tailor your experience based on the type of support you need. They can even manage your organization’s entire grant seeking operation for a brief period or the long-term. Whether you need a short-term or long-term solution, Grants Plus can help your nonprofit reach its grant goals!

⊕ Why we recommend them

Grants Plus has a proven track record of success with mission-driven organizations. Since 2007, it has helped its nonprofit partners secure more than $150 million in funding through a total of nearly 3,000 grant requests.

They take the time to understand the challenges that prevent organizations from reaching their grant goals. Plus, they have the expertise to help organizations like yours overcome these obstacles.

When Grants Plus partners with an organization, they proudly treat their client’s team as their own. They’ll take the time to understand your situation and back you with powerful support to reach your grants potential. Whether you need a short-term or long-term solution, Grants Plus can help your nonprofit reach its grant goals!Learn more about Grants Plus!

Averill Fundraising Solutions will stay with your nonprofit every step of the way toward your fundraising goal.

Averill Fundraising Solutions

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Averill Fundraising Solutions offers consulting services across the nonprofit sector.

No matter if you’re raising money for healthcare, faith-based causes, education, or arts and culture, the Averill leadership team brings 75+ years of experience to the table.

⊕ Consulting services

Call Averill Fundraising Solutions to help you with:

  • Campaign and annual fund direction.
  • Campaign planning and feasibility studies.
  • Embedded staffing.
  • Leadership learning and executive search.

You can rely on Averill as a leader on ethical practice in the industry. For embedded staffing and campaign planning, call Averill Fundraising Solutions.

⊕ Why we recommend them

When you’re gearing up for an important capital campaign, Averill Fundraising Solutions can help you conduct a feasibility study and analyze your organization’s capacity. No matter what corner of the nonprofit sector you’re in, Averill Fundraising Solutions can offer advice backed up by years of experience.

You can rest assured knowing that the help you receive is offered with you long-term goals in mind, not just the amount you set your for your current campaign.

Averill’s collective $3 billion raised for nonprofits is as much proof as you need! Averill Fundraising Solutions consults with nonprofits supporting a wide variety of causes.Learn more about Averill Fundraising Solutions!

Getting Attention is a top consulting firm for Google Grants

Getting Attention

Overview of the consulting firm

Getting Attention is a nonprofit consulting firm that specializes in Google Grant acquisition and management.

With the Google Ad Grant, 501(c)(3) nonprofits can receive $10,000 in free search advertising. Unfortunately, many nonprofits don’t know about the grant, aren’t using it, or struggle to keep up with the complexities and regulations of the program.

Enter Getting Attention. Their expert team understands how to leverage your grant to boost conversions and generate awareness of your work.

⊕ Consulting services

Getting Attention’s Google Grant services include:

  • Grant acquisition
  • Ad campaign creation and maintenance
  • Ongoing optimization
  • Compliance support
  • Reporting and communication

Their comprehensive offerings will give you confidence that your Google Grant is in capable hands. Explore Nonprofit Megaphone’s fundraising consulting firm services.

⊕ Why we recommend them

The Getting Attention team will give your nonprofit individualized attention, and can help you integrate your Google Grant strategy into your larger digital marketing strategy.

Getting Attention is a top nonprofit consulting firm for Google GrantsLearn more about Getting Attention

Ellen Bristol is a fundraising consultant that tries to solve even the smallest challenges.

Bristol Strategy Group

Overview of the consulting firm

Bristol Strategy Group provides comprehensive services to nonprofits, including developing solutions, managing marketing, and building relationships with technology companies in the nonprofit sector.

Bristol Strategy Group determines your nonprofit consulting needs with a tailored 3-step process so that they can provide the most targeted, relevant support.

⊕ Consulting services

Bristol Strategy Group offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Board development.
  • Audits.
  • Prospect profiling.

They also have two books on how you can resolve those “pockets of inefficiency” that could be limiting your nonprofit’s fundraising potential. Ellen Bristol is a fundraising consultant who offers services such as strategic planning.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Bristol Strategy Group uses their unique SMART Way methodology, which is a set of 10 questions that identifies gaps in your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy.

Plus, the resources section on their website has a library full of information to help your nonprofit succeed. Learn more about the Ellen Bristol's SMART Way approach on her website.Learn more about Bristol Strategy Group!

Learn more about Swaim Strategies, a top fundraising consulting firm for events,

Swaim Strategies

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Swaim Strategies partners with nonprofits to bring people together through events. They are strategists, thought-partners, storytellers, and advocates working to lift the nonprofit sector with easy-to-implement tools and resources.

Consulting services

  • Fundraising Event Strategy + Production
  • Conference Strategy + Production
  • Live + Virtual Events
  • Strategic Planning
  • Storytelling
  • Board, Staff + Committee Training
  • Consulting
  • Teaching/Speaking Engagements
Here are some of this fundraising consultant, Swim strategies, top services.

⊕ Why we recommend them

We recommend Swaim Strategies because they believe in the power of bringing people together to create movements and raise support for your mission.

Whether you’re looking for a strategic partner to help plan and execute your next fundraising event or you’re looking for education strategists to harness the full potential of your next conference, Swaim Strategies is there to walk with you every step of the way. If you’re looking for a smaller engagement, they can provide strategic consulting and education to support your team as you plan.

They have a deep bench of consultants with extensive histories in fundraising, planning, education, and production that provide wrap-around support to help you meet and exceed goals. Learn more about Swaim Strategies, a top fundraising consulting firm, on their website.Learn more about Swaim Strategies!

The Gail Perry Group is one of our top recommended consulting firms.

Gail Perry Group

Overview of the consulting firm

The Gail Perry Group is a national nonprofit consulting and training firm based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They have helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations of all sizes and causes meet their goals and achieve extraordinary fundraising results.

Consulting Services

Gail Perry Group’s consulting services include:

  • Fundraising assessments
  • Capital campaigns
  • Fundraising plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Board member training

Why we recommend them

Gail Perry Group consultants bring more than 200 combined years of experience to their fundraising work and have helped nonprofits across the country exceed their fundraising goals. Gail is also the author of the book Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Board Passion into Action, (Wiley 2007), and she and her team have leveraged her Fired-Up Fundraising™ approach to raise hundreds of millions (and counting!) for the organizations they partner with.

The Gail Perry Group is a trusted choice for organizations looking for a close-knit partnership with an approach uniquely tailored to their needs, culture, and goals.

This is a screenshot of the Gail Perry Group website.

Learn more about Gail Perry Group!

Brian Lacy is a fundraising consultant that can help your nonprofit.

Brian Lacy and Associates

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Brian Lacy and Associates is a nonprofit consulting firm with over 30 years of fundraising and data service experience. Their wealth screening and data cleaning services, as well as a host of consulting insights, can help nonprofits advance all kinds of fundraising strategies.

Brian Lacy and Associates strives to help your nonprofit reach your donors more effectively and build a base of engaged supporters.

Consulting services

Their services focus on building a strong solicitation program in annual giving strategies, as well as specialized solutions to help nonprofits reach a variety of goals.

Brian Lacy and Associates’ services include:

  • Annual giving consulting.
  • Audits.
  • Temporary management programs.


Brian Lacy offers awesome fundraising consultant services, such as audits.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Brian Lacy and his nonprofit consultants have helped over 400 organizations raise more than $1 billion in philanthropic contributions.

This firm is well connected in all types of nonprofit sectors, from religious organizations to higher education.

Their clients range from The Art Institute of Chicago to Appalachian State University, among others. Learn more about the the fundraising consulting firm Brian Lacy and Associates.Learn more about Brian Lacy and Associates!

J.F. Smith Group offers a fundraising consultant with an emphasis on capital campaigns!

J.F. Smith Group

Overview of the consulting firm

J.F. Smith Group is a project management consulting firm that concentrates on capital campaigns and developing long-term relationships with the organizations it serves.

J.F. Smith Group incorporates a hands-on strategy to develop sustainable solutions that work beyond the scope of your campaign. Plus, they offer a tailored 5-step approach on training your staff.

 Consulting services

J.F. Smith Group offers a variety of services, including:

  • Campaign management.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Advanced assessments.
  • General counsel.
  • Electronic screening.
  • Board and staff training.

They also provide fundraising seminars and an informative newsletter to educate your organization. Steve Jankiewicz is a fundraising consultant that provides a plethora of fundraising consultant services such as campaign management.

⊕ Why we recommend them

With over 30 years of nonprofit consulting experience, J.F. Smith Group works with your organization to manage your capital campaign and develop your staff for future success.

Plus, they encourage transparency between past and future clients. Your nonprofit can reach out to clients, such as Auburn University or the Saint Francis Foundation, to learn more about their experiences. J.F. Smith is a fundraising consulting firm with a whole host of nonprofit services.Learn more about J.F. Smith Group!

Alexander Haas could be the perfect fundraising consultant firm for your nonprofit.

Alexander Haas

Overview of the consulting firm

With headquarters in Atlanta, Alexander Haas is a nonprofit consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience leading new and veteran nonprofit programming to success.

It doesn’t matter what sector of the nonprofit industry you serve — from higher education to arts and culture organizations to religious institutions — the team at Alexander Haas has the guidance to help you pull off your most important campaigns.

⊕ Consulting services

The Alexander Haas team can help with:

  • Capital campaign strategy studies.
  • Development assessments.
  • Executive coaching.
  • Fundraising plans.
  • Prospect research.

The fundraising professionals at Alexander Haas will work alongside professional staff as well as volunteers to develop short- and long-term development strategies. The Alexander Haas team will help your nonprofit launch its next capital campaign.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Large capital campaigns are nothing new for these veteran fundraising consultants. From their experience, they know how important it is to focus on the pre-campaign feasibility stage, developing a strong case for support and working closely with donors and nonprofit board members.

But don’t take our word for it! Higher education institutions such as the University of Alabama, Agnes Scott College, and Emory University have found success through their partnership with Alexander Haas, as have arts and cultural organizations such as the Alliance Theater, the Atlanta Ballet, and the Atlanta Opera. Bring the Alexander Haas fundraising consulting team on board for your next capital campaign.Learn more about Alexander Haas!

TW&B is a fundraising consulting firm that can help your nonprofit!

Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt

Overview of the consulting firm

TW&B is a fundraising consulting firm that provides senior level development experience to nonprofits.

Whether you need a short-term project or a long-term partnership, TW&B has a variety of nonprofit consulting services to suit your needs.

⊕ Consulting services

TW&B’s services include:

  • Campaign planning & oversight.
  • Fundraising analytics.
  • Institutional planning.
  • Advancement reviews & assessments.
  • Board and volunteer leadership development.
  • Executive recruitment.
  • Post-campaign assessment.

In addition, TW&B offers an education center on their website, which provides downloadable resources and company literature. TWB offers fundraising and executive search consulting services.

⊕ Why we recommend them

The nonprofit consultants at TW&B have first-hand experience as advancement officers at a variety of organizations.

As such, they’ve serviced an array of clients across the country and in their Chicago hometown, including the Lincoln Park Conservancy and the Chicago Arts Coalition.

Since every nonprofit consultant knows the ins-and-outs of nonprofits, TW&B is a trustworthy, effective firm. Ter Molen Watkins and Brandt is a fundraising consulting firm that can help nonprofits with strategic planning.Learn more about Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt!

The Jeffrey Byrne & Associates team has more than 120 years of combined experience.

Jeffrey Byrne & Associates

Overview of the consulting firm

The team at Jeffrey Byrne & Associates boasts more than 120 years of experience between them, and it shows in their 95% success rate with feasibility study recommendations and capital campaign counsel.

If you’re looking for a team with experience across the United States and every corner of the nonprofit sector, you can turn to this fundraising consulting firm that’s brought more than $1.5 billion to more than 350 nonprofits.

⊕ Consulting services

Rely on the Jeffrey Byrne & Associates team for:

  • Fundraising feasibility studies.
  • Capital campaign management.
  • Prospect identification.
  • Planned giving.
  • Annual campaign development.

Take your fundraising goals to the team, and you can rest assured knowing that these fundraising professionals will take the time to fully understand your mission and your goals. Whether you're launching a capital or endowment campaign, Jeffrey Byrne & Associates can help.

⊕ Why we recommend them

There’s no better time to partner with Jeffrey Byrne & Associates than when your nonprofit is gearing up for a capital or endowment campaign.

From planning to execution and all stages in between, these fundraising consultants will consult on-site to motivate and mentor your staff toward your capital campaign goal.

When your nonprofit works with Jeffrey Byrne & Associates, you can be sure that you’re receiving the full benefit of the team’s experience with other nonprofits in their own sector. Nonprofits in the arts and humanities in particular find in their company the Kansas City Ballet, the Center for Practical Bioethics, and the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra Association. Rely on the Jeffrey Byrne & Associates team for arts and humanities campaigns in particular.Learn more about Jeffrey Byrne & Associates!

Westfall Gold is a fundraising consulting firm designed specifically for major donor events.

Westfall Gold

Overview of the consulting firm

Westfall Gold, formerly Westfall Group, is a leading innovator in event consulting.

With a special focus on major donor events, Westfall Gold’s event strategy connects donors to a nonprofit’s mission through careful start-to-finish planning.

⊕ Consulting services

Westfall Gold’s services include:

  • Event consulting.
  • Creative services.
  • Event services.
  • Event speakers.
  • Event production.

Additionally, Westfall Gold provides a blog chock full of information as well as case studies that anyone can access from their website. Westfall Gold will make your nonprofit's next major donor event a guaranteed smash.

⊕ Why we recommend them

With Westfall Gold, every nonprofit receives a senior consultant who will help plan and manage every aspect of your major donor event.

Westfall Gold as a proven track record, having hosted over 300 events that have raised over $500 million.

With 20 years of experience in event consulting, Westfall Gold’s strategy is built and refined through research and donor feedback. Westfall Gold is a fundraising consulting firm that specializes in nonprofit event management.Learn more about Westfall Gold!

CCS Fundraising is a top fundraising consultant firm for globally focused initiatives.

CCS Fundraising

Overview of the consulting firm

With a special emphasis on major campaign management, CCS Fundraising has spent the past 70 years empowering organizations around the globe to further health, education, faith, and environmental initiatives.

Consulting services

CCS Fundraising offers services such as:

  • Campaign management.
  • Strategy and planning.
  • Analytics.
  • Development management during transition.
  • Leadership development.

For assistance with planning your capital, endowment, and comprehensive campaigns as well as implementing them, CCS Fundraising is your go-to. Call CCS Fundraising for strategy and planning before a huge campaign.

 Why we recommend them

Especially if you’re a health-, education-, or faith-based organization, the team at CCS Fundraising can help you through your most important campaigns. This fundraising consulting firm has a true global vision, and their portfolio backs it up. CCS Fundraising takes on projects with the widest reach.

Make sure you call these fundraising consultant long before your campaign begins to benefit from their experience in strategy, evaluation, and planning. CCS Fundraising is a globally focused fundraising consulting firm for your nonprofit's biggest campaigns.Learn more about CCS Fundraising!

Graham-Pelton can ensure your nonprofit's success through team training.


Overview of the consulting firm

Graham-Pelton serves nonprofits across the charitable sector, including education, healthcare, and social advocacy organizations. Their team guides organizations through fundraising campaigns as well as organizational management training.

Consulting services

Bring on the Graham-Pelton fundraising consulting team for help with:

  • Fundraising strategy.
  • Campaign direction and counsel.
  • Prospect profiling and wealth screening.
  • Operational assessments.
  • Staff attraction, development, and training.

Whether you’re looking internally to your own staff or externally toward your next campaign, Graham-Pelton can help. Graham-Pelton will guide your nonprofit team through internal growth as well as capital campaigns.

 Why we recommend them

If your nonprofit is growing or aiming to grow, Graham-Pelton is the fundraising consulting firm to help you through the transition. The consultants understand that teamwork doesn’t just happen overnight — it takes guidance, commitment, and an engaged third party to create a high-functioning team.

Graham-Pelton will guide your team to operational success through interim staffing, talent assessments, and retention planning.

The team at Graham-Pelton takes a truly holistic view of your organization to determine whether you’re ready for your next campaign and beyond. Graham-Pelton fundraising consultants focus on organizational development as well as campaign management.Learn more about Graham-Pelton!

Changing Our World is a fundraising consulting firm that can help your nonprofit!

Changing Our World

Overview of the consulting firm

Changing Our World is a nonprofit consulting firm that provides counsel to nonprofits around the world to strengthen both business operations and fundraising.

Changing Our World is part of the Omnicom Group, which grants access to a variety of resources and expertise.

⊕ Consulting services

Changing Our World’s services include: 

  • Campaign services.
  • Fundraising programs.
  • Capacity building.

Additionally, they provide resources in thought leadership, including events and webinars. Changing Our World will get right to the heart of your nonprofit's fundraising strategy with research and analytics.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Changing Our World puts an emphasis on research and analytics to craft solutions based on reliable data.

With their experience in global philanthropy, Changing Our World has offered nonprofit consulting services to a variety of clients, including UNICEF and World Vision. Large organizations looking for counsel should consider the fundraising consulting firm Changing Our World.Learn more about Changing Our World!

For behind-the-scenes help with your next capital campaign, call in the fundraising consultants from Schultz & Williams.

Schultz & Williams

Overview of the consulting firm

The Schultz & Williams team has been working with nonprofits for 30 years, partnering with more than 1,000 organizations over that time. These consultants have developed tailored fundraising solutions for nonprofits to advance healthcare, education, environmental advocacy, and social justice.

Schultz & Williams partner with mission-driven nonprofits that want to change the world!

Consulting services

Call in the fundraising consultants from Schultz & Williams to guide your team in the following areas:

  • Campaign development.
  • Communications management.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Staffing solutions.
  • Analytics and digital campaigns.

With Schultz & Williams on your side, it’s a full team effort to transform your organization into a well-oiled fundraising machine. Rely on Schultz & Williams for support as you take on large campaigns.

Why we recommend them

Schultz & Williams are your force behind the scenes of your next big campaign.

As you focus on your big-picture mission, these fundraising professionals make sure that your campaign communications, marketing initiatives, and data collection and analysis are up to scratch.

This fundraising consulting firm leaves no stone unturned to support nonprofits that want to make huge impacts on the global and local community, from conservational organizations such as the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to social justice initiatives such as the International Campaign for Tibet. Schultz & Williams fundraising consultants can help your nonprofit develop and manage campaigns.Learn more about Schultz & Williams!

Jennifer Filla is a fundraising consultant and founder of Aspire Research Group.

Aspire Research Group

Overview of the consulting firm

Aspire Research Group is a prospect research consulting firm with a personal touch. These nonprofit consultants will guide organizations through prospect research or simply offer products and tools, depending on the amount of in-depth training that a nonprofit needs.

Aspire Research Group is committed to their 8 core values, which focus on building deeper donor relationships, growing your program, and using your frontline fundraisers’ inherent strengths and quirks.  

Consulting services

Aspire Research Group offers flexible nonprofit consulting services that can be adapted to fit your organization’s specific needs and goals, from custom solutions to more generalized products.

These services include:

  • Prospect identification (both within and outside of a donor database).
  • Cultivation and solicitation strategies (with basic training, per request).
  • Relationship and prospect management.

Additionally, they provide downloadable prospect profile templates, a free research directory, and how-to publications. Jennifer Filla provides extensive fundraising consultant services.

Why we recommend them

Since Aspire Research Group’s services can be customized to your organization’s needs, larger nonprofits can simply purchase the products that most benefit them, while smaller nonprofits can receive training to walk them through the prospect research process.

With the versatile options that they offer, your organization can more easily identify the right prospects, ask for the right gift amounts, and meet your major gift goals!
Aspire Research Group is a fundraising consulting firm that helps organizations with prospect research.Learn more about Aspire Research Group!

The Munshine Group fundraising consultants focus on communications in campaign readiness.

The Munshine Group

Overview of the consulting firm

The Munshine Group offers fundraising and communications strategy and implementation services to nonprofits in the Northeast.

Their integrated approach brings nonprofit clients the best of each team member’s skillset and experience.

⊕ Consulting services

Turn to the Munshine Group for:

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Capital campaign management.
  • Major gifts, endowment, and planned giving strategy.
  • Case for support development.
  • Crisis communications.

These fundraising professionals will also look inward at your organization’s structure to help you strategize and implement your most important initiatives. The Munshine Group's fundraising consulting services include crisis communications and case for support development.

⊕ Why we recommend them

When your nonprofit is planning its next big campaign, the Munshine Group can help you by starting with an analysis of your organization’s readiness. From benchmarking and planning to database management and staffing, these fundraising professionals will make sure that you’re starting off on the right foot.

It’s impossible to complete a successful capital campaign without attention to communications, and the Munshine Group team understands that.

If you need help with a case for support, they can help. If it’s more traditional press releases and overarching communications plans, they can help. And if it’s social media, blogging, or digital design, they can help there, too! Rely on the Munshine Group for internal campaign preparedness analysis.Learn more about the Munshine Group!

The Covenant Group fundraising consulting firm works with churches as well as nonprofits.

The Covenant Group

Overview of the consulting firm

The Covenant Group serves churches and nonprofits undertaking fundraising and growth campaigns of all kinds.

The fundraising team offers consultant services and products to help their clients meet their goals, if those goals are focused on monetary amounts or other areas.

 Consulting services

The Covenant Group can help with:

  • Capital campaigns.
  • Strategic planning and communications.
  • Leadership training and executive search.
  • Wealth screening.

In addition to these consulting services, the Covenant Group also offers a four-party online program called the Strategic Planning Roadmap Process to guide nonprofits and churches through strategic growth campaigns on their own. For smaller churches and nonprofits, the Covenant Group offers online strategic planning materials.

⊕ Why we recommend them

You don’t have to be an enterprise-level nonprofit to benefit from the help of the Covenant Group. You don’t even have to have a monetary goal!

Any nonprofit or church across the United States that is ready to put in the work for a new project, new building, or new leadership can partner with this fundraising consulting firm.

Not all churches and nonprofits can commit to a full consulting service. The Covenant Group understands that! That’s why the firm also offers an online product for organizations to spearhead their own strategic planning and growth. Go to the Covenant Group for strategic planning and leadership training.Learn more about the Covenant Group!

Phoenix Philanthropy is a fundraising consulting firm specializing in international fundraising.

The Phoenix Philanthropy Group

Overview of the consulting firm

With an emphasis on internationally as well as locally focused clients, Phoenix Philanthropy brings experience and passion to the table. The Phoenix, Arizona-based fundraising consulting firm takes a customized approach to all its consulting engagements.

 Consulting services

Phoenix Philanthropy specializes in:

  • Fundraising and campaign management.
  • Strategic, campaign, and annual planning.
  • Alumni relations.
  • Interim management.

The fundraising consulting firm also specializes in international fundraising. Phoenix Philanthropy can help nonprofits with strategic planning and campaign management.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Phoenix Philanthropy emphasizes outcomes in its fundraising consulting, promising to make a measurable impact on your organization and its mission. When your organization is ready to take on a major project, consider Phoenix Philanthropy to help benchmark successes along the way.

Energy is essential to fundraising success, and Phoenix Philanthropy commits to bringing energy to the table. The team will listen to what matters most to your organization, then offer specific advice for your particular set of fundraising goals. Phoenix Philanthropy is an energetic fundraising consulting firm for your nonprofit's next big campaign.Learn more about Phoenix Philanthropy!

Capstone Advancement Partners fundraising consulting firm is made up of former development officers.

Capstone Advancement Partners

Overview of the consulting firm

Comprised of former development officers, the Capstone Advancement Partners team focuses on relationships in their engagements. The consultants will deliver specialized solutions for each client to reach fundraising success.

 Consulting services

Bring Capstone Advancement Partners on board if you want to tackle:

  • Capital campaigns.
  • Prospect research.
  • Donor development and stewardship.
  • Board and staff development and training.
  • Strategic development.

These fundraising consultants bring their careers as development officers to their consulting engagements, offering strategies and assessments they know from their experience to be useful. For long-term leadership training or capital campaign management, Capstone Advancement Partners are the fundraising consulting firm for you.

⊕ Why we recommend them

You don’t have to be launching a capital campaign to enlist the services of Capstone Advancement Partners, though they do offer capital campaign planning and management services.

Nonprofits can partner with this fundraising consulting firm to take advantage of sustainable, ongoing development planning as well as training, support, and coaching for volunteers, staff, and board members.

Don’t just take our word for it. From arts establishments such as the Greensboro Children’s Museum to human services organizations such as YMCAs and YWCAs across North Carolina, impactful nonprofits entrust Capstone Advancement Partners with their success. Capstone Advancement Partners offer sustainable development consulting services.Learn more about Capstone Advancement Partners!

Richner & Richner fundraising consultants start from the beginning of your capital campaigns with team development and capacity building.

Richner & Richner

Overview of the consulting firm

The consultants at Richner & Richner want your organization to succeed, starting from the very beginning. This consulting firm aims to help your nonprofit run as effectively as possible from the inside out.

 Consulting services

Richner & Richner will assist your organization with:

  • Infrastructure.
  • Training and counsel.
  • Capacity building.
  • Communications.

Your organization can’t meet its goals without the foundation to succeed, which is why Richner & Richner focuses its services on building up your team with assessments, training, staffing, and CEO development. To build a strong foundation before a large campaign, start with Richner & Richner training and counsel.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Before tackling a capital campaign, even before completing a feasibility study, you need to make sure your organization stands the best chance it can to support its mission. Richner & Richner will work with your team’s existing members and help you recruit new ones so you’re ready for the tasks you set yourself.

Richner & Richner’s clients in the aging services, arts and humanities, education, and environmental and animal services quarters can rely on the consultants’ commitment to preparing their organizations for the important missions they support. Richner & Richner's fundraising consulting services focus on organizational development.Learn more about Richner & Richner!

Casey Woodard Consulting brings more than 30 years experience to fundraising consulting engagements.

Casey Woodard Consulting

Overview of the consulting firm

With more than 30 years of experience in the fundraising and development world, Casey Woodard brings a well-rounded understanding of philanthropy to clients. He has specialized in university fundraising, both in his career as a consultant and as a development officer.

 Consulting services

Casey Woodard Consulting’s services include:

  • Campaign design.
  • Campaign management.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Coaching and training.

These services span the breadth of a capital campaign, starting with coaching and feasibility studies and running all the way to implementation. Engage Casey Woodard Consulting for campaign design and management.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Bring Casey Woodard on board when you want a one-on-one relationship with a fundraising professional who has overseen sustainable giving campaigns.

Experience isn’t everything, but with Casey Woodard, experience counts for a lot. Your fundraising success comes from the close attention you pay to every step in the process, and this fundraising consultant’s background on both sides of charitable giving can guide you there. For a fundraising consultant with experience in sustainable giving campaigns, check out Casey Woodard Consulting.Learn more about Casey Woodard Consulting!

Let Abbie von Schlegell help your nonprofit increase its fundraising capacity.

A. von Schlegell & Co.

Overview of the consulting firm

Abbie J. von Schlegell & Co is a veteran nonprofit consulting firm, with over 40 years’ experience in the philanthropic and fundraising professions.

They’ve worked with institutions operating in fields including arts and culture, higher education, public policy, healthcare, and more, but they have special expertise with women’s philanthropy.

 Consulting services

A. von Schlegell & Co. provides these services:

  • Advancement
  • Governance
  • Management Consulting
  • Women’s Philanthropy
  • Wealth Screening

The AVS team will work with your nonprofit’s team to assist in leadership development and training, to keep your nonprofit up-to-date on industry best practices. AVS is a fundraising consultant ready to help your nonprofit.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Abbie von Schlegell and her team have an unparalleled breadth of experience, which makes them a valuable partner for any nonprofit organization. Their ability to help nonprofits expand their horizons through education and analysis is an invaluable gift.

AVS’s extensive list of clients, as well as their glowing testimonies, speak to the value that a partnership with AVS can add to your nonprofit. They can help you learn from your previous campaigns to improve your future efforts while affirming your team’s dedication to your mission.

Visit the AVS website to learn more about how this fundraising consulting firm can help your nonprofit. Learn more about A. von Schlegell & Co!

Focus Fundraising is a top fundraising consulting firm.

Focus Fundraising

Overview of the consulting firm

Focus Fundraising offers strategic development services, plus fundraising planning, guidance, and research to meet your needs.

Whether you want to strengthen your annual fund program or launch a major gift campaign, identify new prospects or address gaps in funding, they’ll help you define your development goals, determine how far to reach, put a plan in place and work with you to get results.

 Consulting services

Focus Fundraising is prepared to assist your nonprofit in all of the following areas:

  • Development assessments
  • Campaign planning and management
  • Fundraising plan strategy and implementation
  • Board development, executive coaching and staff guidance
  • Prospect research and donor data analysis
  • Case statements
  • Event strategy

No matter your nonprofit’s needs, Focus Fundraising will be able to help. Focus Fundraising's vast suite of consulting services make it a top fundraising consulting firm.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Focus Fundraising provides tailored services to meet your challenges and ensure you meet your development goals. Whether you’re embarking on a campaign or need guidance to cultivate major donors and improve your success rate, the Focus team will listen and provide strategies that work.

Furthermore, their assessments and data analysis offer key insights on what’s working and what’s not, and they’ll create a plan and strategies to help you build ties and expand support. Focus Fundraising is a top fundraising consulting firm that can take your nonprofit to new heights. Learn more about Focus Fundraising!

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