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How DonorSearch efficiently increases your prospects who are likely to give



• Prior to DonorSearch, no
“formal, standardized process ranking in place·
• Time
• Relying on “manual and intensive multi-step process·


• Received first million-dollar gift
• • … raised more money since 2019 than in any years prior·
• Reliability

“They [George Washington University] are now able to pinpoint prospects who are likely to respond, give, and match gift officer goals to the amounts their prospects have the capacity to give.”
“This overall improvement in prioritization of gift officer time has improved dramatically due to the structure and process in place with the DonorSearch Salesforce integration to their Grateful Patient program.”


Prior to working with DonorSearch, George Washington University’s development team for the School of Medicine and Health Sciences worked with another prospect research vendor and third-party consultants to get analyzed and ranked data for purposes of outreach and gift solicitation. The team brought on DonorSearch in an effort to improve efficiency, save time, and increase fundraising dollars.


Using the 360io app has automatically provided data from the hospital through API — at times, at a higher volume than previously. “The endpoint is at the end of every week, there are several buckets of patients with different rankings, and the gift officers managing these groups move forward with the stewardship in different ways depending on the ranking -­connecting with physicians to make asks, assigning to annual giving campaigns, recognizing existing donors, and matching existing donors to patients.”



“The department no longer has to rely on third-party consultants, and don’t have to manage a a manual and intensive multi-step process involving both internal and external stakeholders.”

Increase in Fundraising Dollars

‘They also have raised more money since 2019 than in any years prior, and during that time recieved their first million-dllar gift through screening a patient and their adult son.”


“Reliable processes such as the DonorSearch Grateful Patient process with the Salesforce integration, live on after staff members move roles or leave the organization, and contune as automated processes without losing any institutional knowledge.”

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