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“DonorSearch is really leading the face of the industry right now.” – Sabrina Latham, University of Alabama at Birmingham

“I can’t recommend it enough! The formula just makes sense. At Skidmore, we’ve ended a seven year campaign, which we ended above our goal at nearly $230 million, but I think that that last year, because we had DonorSearch, we were able to kind of end it breaking our goal.” – Emilie Marcason-Tolmie, Skidmore College

“DonorSearch has made a wonderful difference. It’s giving us really wonderful information in terms of what an RFM score looks like for our people and we are able to sort accordingly. And pretty much drill down to some really interesting prospects that we didn’t have on our radar before.” – Sabrina Latham, University of Alabama at Birmingham

“It helped us to understand the capacity of our organization. I think so often we think we know the behaviors of our donors, when in actuality we only know one part of them. And so it helped us understand their philanthropic behavior.” – Brittanie Kuhr, Defiance College 

“With DonorSearch, everyone was impressed. Everyone just said, ‘What have we been waiting for?’” – Brittanie Kuhr, Defiance College

“I know if I need anything at all, I can just reach out and I’ll get a response back.” – Emilie Marcason-Tolmie, Skidmore College

“They’re going above and beyond every time I talk to them and you can’t beat that in terms of service, in addition to the results you get from just using the tool!” – Sabrina Latham, University of Alabama at Birmingham

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