How DonorSearch Solutions Help Ticketing and Membership Organizations

This video showcases the unique ways in which DonorSearch has empowered ticketing and membership organizations like yours to surpass their fundraising targets. Through a series of client stories and examples, it highlights the effectiveness of our tailored solutions in addressing the specific needs of organizations like yours.

Matthew Cook, Blue 13 Dance Company: “I noticed DonorSearch immediately impacting our fundraising levels.”

At DonorSearch, our solutions are designed with your organization in mind. 

We know that your ticketing organization is unique and we provide you with custom fundraising solutions that bring actionable results. 

Christine Dixon, Saratoga Performing Arts Center: “We’ve been able to identify people at all levels of giving and we have a pretty large database. We have people buying tickets, we have people giving donations and so people are in different categories. But we have been able to identify those folks who are happy to be involved but because we are able to see them this way have been able to focus on the relationship.”

Geoff Klein, Wildlife Conservation Society: “DonorSearch provides really wonderful content and data to look at what you have in your universe of prospects and their customer service is the best.”

Matthew Cook, Blue 13 Dance Company: “It’s the first product that I’ve used, this screening software, that I felt was intuitive, had the support I needed, and that was accurate. We’ve made our money back within the first couple of months.”

Carol Hollatz, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts: “We saw that your data was correct. The initial email that we sent out paid for DonorSearch the first year. And because they are monthly donors, they are going to continue paying that first, second, and third year. One email. So that’s pretty spectacular!”

Our team of industry leaders understands that getting actionable results is essential for ticketing organizations. It’s why we provide solutions for things like donor segmentation and targeting, donor communication and engagement, fundraising and donation tracking, analytics and reporting.

Christine Dixon, Saratoga Performing Arts Center: “It takes my question every day of, ‘Who should I be speaking with?’ and, ‘Who should I be reaching out to today?’ It makes that very real. And it’s bringing names of people who are already in the fold to light that I might not have seen otherwise.”

Our integrations with ticketing systems and nonprofit fundraising tools help ease your workflow.

Geoff Klein, Wildlife Conservation Society: “One of the great things is having Salesforce and DonorSearch kind of interactively talk to each other and we are able to get the results from the screening directly into Salesforce so the fundraisers are able to review what they see for prospects and donors in campaigns.”

Carol Hollatz, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts: “Overnight, those DS ratings get uploaded into Tessitura and every two weeks we run the report of all first-time donors with their DS ratings because that helps us create our portfolios. It’s pretty spectacular because it just happens! It’s a matter of clicking a few buttons and then that information automatically gets shifted into it and it just makes everyone’s job a lot easier.”

DSAi Solutions for ticking venues and membership organizations: sustainer, acquisition, lifetime value, most likely to respond, retention, upgrade levels.

Matthew Cook, Blue 13 Dance Company: “If I could say one thing to a prospective client looking at DonorSearch, it would be that you will make your money back. It will easily give you a return on investment in the first year.”

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