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Top 8 Text-to-Donate Services to Help You Raise More Funds

From reading emails to checking social media to making online purchases, people are using their phones more than ever to engage and interact online, including by donating to nonprofits.

That’s why text-to-give has (or should!) become a critical component in every nonprofit’s fundraising plan. Text-to-donate is not only convenient for the donor—the process generally only takes a few steps—but it’s also become a much more painless process for organizations.

Donations aren’t capped at a certain amount, and nonprofits only have to wait a couple of days to receive funds.

By incorporating text giving in your fundraising campaigns, you’ll be able to reach a much wider group of supporters. So if you’re interested in learning about how to get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 text-to-give platforms:

  1. Handbid
  2. Snowball
  3. OneCause
  4. Double the Donation
  5. Qgiv
  6. Pledgeling
  7. Gesture
  8. Accelevents


We’ll walk you through each of these text-to-donate services!

Before we get started, you might be wondering “how does text-to-give work?” Snowball’s text-to-give guide provides a comprehensive look at this mobile fundraising method so you can brush up on the basics.

Let’s start with our top two most recommended platforms: Snowball and OneCause.

Text-to-Give Platform #1: Handbid

Text-to-Donate Service Overview

Handbid offers text-to-give tools that pair perfectly with any event. What really makes this software stand out is its mobile auction software. Handbid’s mobile app allows users to participate in virtual, in-person, and hybrid fundraisers straight from their phones. 

Your auction’s attendees can donate, browse auction items, place bids, and set maximum bids through the app without getting up from their tables or leaving their homes. Push notifications will let them know when they’ve been outbid to maintain the excitement of bidding wars even while online. Plus, your team can make additional announcements through the app to draw attention to certain items or warn guests when final bids are due.


Handbid's text-to-donate tools are the best on the market.Handbid's text-to-donate tools make mobile giving easier than ever.

Handbid also supports live-streaming, event chat, guest management, admission ticketing, peer-to-peer fundraising, and gamification tools to further engage your guests. Its flexibility gives your nonprofit more options for creating successful face-to-face and remote fundraisers. Handbid offers excellent customer service and training options to help ensure your nonprofit makes the most out of its tools.


Why We Love This Text-to-Give Platform

Their platform is simple. Donors will text a keyword to a 6 digit phone number, which will then send them a link to your event donation page. Donors can select the amount they would like to give and can quickly checkout with Apple Pay or Google Wallet. Handbid’s focus on engagement provides nonprofits with real strategies to get supporters excited about donating all without ever leaving their homes. 

Text-to-Give Pricing

What’s great about Handbid’s auction and fundraising tools is text-to-give is included in every event software package. You will also receive one free keyword per event that your donors can text in, such as GIVE.  Take a look to discover which solution fits your nonprofit’s needs! Learn more about Handbid’s mobile fundraising tools.

Check out Snowball's top text-to-donate tools.

Text-to-Give Platform #2: Snowball

Text-to-Donate Service Overview

Snowball’s text-to-donate service provides you with a unique mobile giving number and allows you to choose unlimited text keywords for your donors to use. Then, a donor simply texts a predetermined keyword to your mobile giving number and confirms their gift in under a minute!

This is how Snowball's text-to-donate service works.

It’s a great way for donors to get involved with your organization from anywhere in the world, including on-the-go. Quickly raise and receive the funds you need to power your mission and increase donor engagement with Snowball’s mobile giving options.

Why We Love This Text-to-Give Platform

Snowball offers a complete suite of fundraising tools that includes not only text giving, but also online donation forms, recurring gift functionality, event ticketing, and a built-in constituent relationship management dashboard.

Text-to-Give Pricing

With Snowball’s Essential Plan, you’ll gain access to a single online donation page and basic giving functions for free. To unlock their text-to-donate tools and other high-quality giving features, you’ll need to subscribe to their Premium Plan at $549/year. Learn more about Snowball’s text-to-give platform.

OneCause is a top choice for text-to-donate service.

Text-to-Give Platform #3: OneCause

Text-to-Donate Service Overview

OneCause created their text-to-give tool to help organizations maximize their fundraising potential during events. Whether your organization is hosting a gala, giving day, or concert, you can use OneCause’s text-to-give platform to encourage guests to contribute.

To get started with OneCause, organizations will need to create a keyword. When donors wish to contribute, all they have to do is text that word to your nonprofit’s text-to-give number. Donors will be sent a link that directs them to a mobile donation form where they can complete their donation.

To give with OneCause's text-to-donate service, donors must text a keyword to the nonprofit's 5-digit number.

Text-to-give donations can be integrated with OneCause’s other fundraising tools like their easy event scoreboards which will update donations in real-time.

⊕ Why We Love This Text-to-Give Platform

Since OneCause’s text-to-give tools can be integrated with their other fundraising software, your organization will be able to host an event that utilizes multiple fundraising avenues to reach your goals. Additionally, they have expert professional help to guide you through the set-up process.

Text-to-Give Pricing

OneCause’s services vary in price depending on your organization’s specific needs. Request a custom quote on OneCause’s website to learn more. Learn more about OneCause’s text giving tools.

Maximize your text-to-give revenue using matching gifts software like Double the Donation.

Text-to-Give Platform #4: Double the Donation

Text-to-Donate Service Overview

Did you know that many of your text-to-give donors could be doubling their contributions? With matching gifts software like Double the Donation, your team can provide mobile donors with all the tools they need to get started securing their matching gift from their employer.

If you’re unfamiliar with matching gifts, let’s review this helpful fundraising practice. Many companies, from large corporations to small businesses, offer matching gifts programs to their employees. In these agreements, employers commit to matching donations to your cause at a 1:1, 1:2, or even 1:3 ratio.

This means that if your nonprofit isn’t connecting supporters with the right matching gifts resources, you may be leaving millions on the table every year.

Matching gifts software like Double the Donation empowers your nonprofit to share a matching gifts database with your mobile givers. Include it on your giving form, embed it on your website, or link out to it in your email streams.

When supporters access your matching gifts database, they’ll see a mobile-responsive page like the one below that summarizes their matching gifts eligibility and how they can process their matching gift request with their employer.

Donors can match their gift from anywhere

⊕ Why We Love This Text-to-Give Platform

We love Double the Donation because their mobile fundraising platform makes requesting a matching gift as convenient as possible for your mobile givers. So many of your supporters primarily engage with your cause on their smartphones, so why not choose a matching gifts database that takes their experience as mobile users seriously?

Text-to-Give Pricing

Double the Donation’s Basic plan starts at just $299/month. Learn more about Double the Donation’s text-to-donate tools.

Learn more about Qgiv's top text-to-give and text-to-donate platform.

Text-to-Give Platform #5: Qgiv

Text-to-Donate Service Overview

Qgiv is a top text-to-donate tool that can help you meet your fundraising goals. With Qgiv’s comprehensive platform, you’ll set up a custom keyword and simple mobile giving page! As soon as a supporter feels inspired, they can text the keyword to a short code, enter the amount they want to give, and receive a link to the mobile giving page.

With Qgiv, you can access unlimited keywords and can accept unlimited donations, so you can create a text fundraising campaign for any of your programs!

Check out how Qgiv’s text-to-donate tool can be used in action.

⊕ Why We Love This Text-to-Give Platform

Qgiv offers a user-friendly and convenient way to give, and it also provides additional text fundraising capabilities to maximize your success. For instance, you can send outbound texts to a subscription list of supporters to further engage them, and you can even automate reminder messages to donors who started but didn’t complete their gift. 

You can also connect your Qgiv text fundraising efforts with a live event! Display a fundraising thermometer and your text-to-donate information so event attendees can give while they enjoy your event!

Text-to-Give Pricing

Qgiv’s mobile suite costs $129/mo with an additional 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction. However, you can also explore their packages of more comprehensive fundraising tools on their pricing page. Learn more about Qgiv’s text-to-donate tools.

Pledgeling offers a text-to-donate service that was created for colleges and universities.

Text-to-Give Platform #6: Pledgeling

Text-to-Donate Service Overview

Pledgeling is a mobile fundraising tool, that allows you to communicate with supporters via text message. Donors also have the option of contributing to your nonprofit by texting a keyword to your shortcode. The platform will send the donor a link to your website or mobile donation form via text.

Additionally, Pledgeling’s tool allows organizations to fully engage with their donors via text message. For instance, you can even accept inbound messages. That way, you can ask donors questions or have them compete in a contest. 

Organizations will also have access to analytics and reporting tools to help them assess their progress and make changes along the way.

Learn more about Pledgeling's text-to-donate service on the website.

⊕ Why We Love This Text-to-Give Platform

Pledgeling has an intuitive design that’s perfect for smaller organizations that might not have a ton of experience with text to give campaigns. Plus, setting up a text-to-give campaign can be completed in just a short amount of time.

Text-to-Give Pricing

Pricing varies depending on the specific features your organization needs. Contact Pledgeling to learn more about their pricing packages. Learn more about Pledgeling’s text-to-donate platform.

Gesture offers mobile bidding and text-to-donate tools for events.

Text-to-Give Platform #7: Gesture

Text-to-Donate Service Overview

Gesture is a nonprofit tool that offers event fundraising solutions such as mobile bidding and text-to-give. The main focus at Gesture is to help organizations raise money during charity auctions.

As a result, their text-to-donate tools can be integrated with their auction software, making it easy for donors to contribute, bid, and check into your event. 

Plus, you’ll be able to track your activity in real-time so that everyone at your event will know just how far you have left to reach your goals.

With Gesture's text-to-donate services, nonprofits can accept donations during live events.

⊕ Why We Love This Text-to-Give Platform

Gesture has a team of experts that can help you incorporate text giving into all of your nonprofit’s fundraising events. Moreover, Gesture has a full suite of products that work seamlessly with their text-to-give tool.

 Text-to-Give Pricing

Gesture works with your organization to create a pricing plan that meets your needs and budget. For more information on pricing, request a quote on their website. Find out more about Gesture’s text-to-give platform.

Accelevents provides text-to-donate services for charity auctions.

Text-to-Give Platform #8: Accelevents

 Text-to-Donate Service Overview

Accelevents’ mobile fundraising software aims to make silent auctions and raffles a breeze for organizations. Instead of using an app like many mobile bidding tools, donors can bid on auction items via text message. This makes the process more familiar for donors and allows supporters to participate in your charity auction even if they can’t attend the event.

Bidders will receive notifications when they’ve been outbid, generating excitement and encouraging donors to continue bidding. 

In addition to charity auctions, Accelevents also has tools that allow donors to participate in raffles. They can simply purchase and submit tickets through text messages.

Learn more about the text-to-donate services at Accelevents.

⊕ Why We Love This Text-to-Give Platform

Since Accelevents’ tools don’t require donors to have any additional applications, the donation process is quicker and easier for donors to understand.

 Text-to-Give Pricing

If nonprofits want to get started with Accelevents, they’ll have to pay a $99 start-up fee and a $1 per donor that participates. Learn more about the text-to-give options available at Accelevents.

As you can see, there are plenty of text-to-give platforms that provide top-notch services to organizations. Hopefully, this list has helped you find the right tool for your next fundraising campaign!

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