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Every nonprofit can use a little help now and then.

Fundraising consulting firms are chock full of valuable information and insight, and they can help your nonprofit build sustainable strategies and solutions.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 fundraising consulting firms with the expertise to help your nonprofit succeed!

DML OmniMedia is a fundraising consulting firm that offers web design services.

1. DNL OmniMedia — Our Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm

Overview of the consulting firm

DNL OmniMedia is a nonprofit consulting expert on all leading technologies designed to improve your nonprofit’s marketing, technical and development initiatives.

Their passion for web design and online promotions will give your nonprofit just the boost you need to enhance your digital outreach and connections. 

Consulting services

DNL OmniMedia’s services include:

  • Web design and development.
  • Digital and event marketing.
  • Donation and advocacy campaigns.
  • Donor management.
  • Content and data migration.

DNL OmniMedia also works with top nonprofit digital programs like: Blackbaud, Luminate, Salsa, Drupal, WordPress and Salesforce.

DNL OmniMedia is your nonprofit's go-to web consulting agency.

 When to use this fundraising consulting firm

If your organization is looking for superb technology solutions, then DNL OmniMedia is your fundraising consulting firm. Each consultant has experience working with organizations including nonprofits in higher education, healthcare, human services, and animal welfare.

Amputee Coalition, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York City, and North Shore Animal League are just some of the many organizations they’ve partnered with.

 Why we recommend them

DNL OmniMedia is committed to making your nonprofit’s online operations as fluid and effective as possible.

This nonprofit consulting firm makes it easy for you to manage all of your digital needs with seamless marketing programs grounded in web, mobile and data solutions.

With influential clients like the ALS Association and Paralyzed Veterans of America, DNL OmniMedia is always ready to go the distance in supporting your nonprofit’s philanthropic goals.

DNL OmniMedia offers fundraising consulting services for nonprofits.

Averill Fundraising Solutions will stay with your nonprofit every step of the way toward your fundraising goal.

2. Averill Fundraising Solutions — Our Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Averill Fundraising Solutions offers consulting services across the nonprofit sector.

No matter if you’re raising money for healthcare, faith-based causes, education, or arts and culture, the Averill leadership team brings 75+ years of experience to the table.

⊕ Consulting services

Call Averill Fundraising Solutions to help you with:

  • Campaign and annual fund direction.
  • Campaign planning and feasibility studies.
  • Embedded staffing.
  • Leadership learning and executive search.

You can rely on Averill as a leader on ethical practice in the industry.

For embedded staffing and campaign planning, call Averill Fundraising Solutions.

When to use this fundraising consulting firm

When you’re gearing up for an important capital campaign, Averill Fundraising Solutions can help you conduct a feasibility study and analyze your organization’s capacity.

⊕ Why we recommend them

No matter what corner of the nonprofit sector you’re in, Averill Fundraising Solutions can offer advice backed up by years of experience.

You can be assured that the help you’re receiving is offered with your long-term goals in mind, not just the amount you set as your goal for your current campaign.

Averill’s collective $3 billion raised for nonprofits is as much proof as you need!

Averill Fundraising Solutions consults with nonprofits supporting a wide variety of causes.

Aly Sterling is a fantastic capital campaign consultant for medium-sized nonprofits.

3. Aly Sterling Philanthropy — Our Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Aly Sterling Philanthropy is a full-service nonprofit consulting firm that specializes in sustainable solutions.

The Aly Sterling team offers fundraising expertise and hands-on project management that can help your nonprofit succeed.

⊕ Consulting services

Aly Sterling Philanthropy’s services include:

  • Fundraising solutions.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Executive search services.
  • Board governance.

Aly Sterling also offers workshops on board development and fundraising strategy, as well as an email newsletter with exclusive fundraising insights.

Aly Sterling is a fundraising consultant who offers tons of services for nonprofits.

When to use this fundraising consulting firm

If you’re looking for a consulting firm that will create a plan tailored to your organization’s particular needs, then Aly Sterling Philanthropy is the perfect firm for your needs.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Aly Sterling Philanthropy is devoted to improving key aspects of your organization’s operations.

With tons of experience with a variety of nonprofit organizations, Aly Sterling Philanthropy has helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars, all while building stronger relationships with donors.

From Habitat for Humanity to the Boys and Girls Club of America, Aly Sterling Philanthropy has a proven track record in helping nonprofits of all shapes and sizes succeed!

Aly Sterling has a whole list of nonprofit services that her consulting firm provides.

Brian Lacy is a fundraising consultant that can help your nonprofit.

4. Brian Lacy and Associates

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Brian Lacy and Associates is a nonprofit consulting firm with over 30 years of fundraising and data service experience. Their wealth screening and data cleaning services, as well as a host of consulting insights, can help nonprofits advance all kinds of fundraising strategies.

Brian Lacy and Associates strives to help your nonprofit reach your donors more effectively and build a base of engaged supporters.

Consulting services

Their services focus on building a strong solicitation program in annual giving strategies, as well as specialized solutions to help nonprofits reach a variety of goals.

Brian Lacy and Associates’ services include:

  • Annual giving consulting.
  • Audits.
  • Temporary management programs.

Brian Lacy offers awesome fundraising consultant services, such as audits.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Brian Lacy and his nonprofit consultants have helped over 400 organizations raise more than $1 billion in philanthropic contributions.

This firm is well connected in all types of nonprofit sectors, from religious organizations to higher education.

Their clients range from The Art Institute of Chicago to Appalachian State University, among others.

Learn more about the the fundraising consulting firm Brian Lacy and Associates.

J.F. Smith Group offers a fundraising consultant with an emphasis on capital campaigns!

5. J.F. Smith Group

Overview of the consulting firm

J.F. Smith Group is a project management consulting firm that concentrates on capital campaigns and developing long-term relationships with the organizations it serves.

J.F. Smith Group incorporates a hands-on strategy to develop sustainable solutions that work beyond the scope of your campaign. Plus, they offer a tailored 5-step approach on training your staff.

 Consulting services

J.F. Smith Group offers a variety of services, including:

  • Campaign management.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Advanced assessments.
  • General counsel.
  • Electronic screening.
  • Board and staff training.

They also provide fundraising seminars and an informative newsletter to educate your organization.

Jerry F. Smith provides a plethora of fundraising consultant services such as campaign management.

⊕ Why we recommend them

With over 30 years of nonprofit consulting experience, J.F. Smith Group works with your organization to manage your capital campaign and develop your staff for future success.

Plus, they encourage transparency between past and future clients. Your nonprofit can reach out to clients, such as Auburn University or the Saint Francis Foundation, to learn more about their experiences.

J.F. Smith is a fundraising consulting firm with a whole host of nonprofit services.

TW&B is a fundraising consulting firm that can help your nonprofit!

6. Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt

Overview of the consulting firm

TW&B is a fundraising consulting firm that provides senior level development experience to nonprofits.

Whether you need a short-term project or a long-term partnership, TW&B has a variety of nonprofit consulting services to suit your needs.

⊕ Consulting services

TW&B’s services include:

  • Campaign planning & oversight
  • Fundraising analytics
  • Institutional planning
  • Advancement reviews & assessments
  • Board and volunteer leadership development
  • Executive recruitment
  • Post-campaign assessment

In addition, TW&B offers an education center on their website, which provides downloadable resources and company literature.

TWB offers fundraising and executive search consulting services,

⊕ Why we love them

The nonprofit consultants at TW&B have first-hand experience as advancement officers at a variety of organizations.

As such, they’ve serviced an array of clients across the country and in their Chicago hometown, including the Lincoln Park Conservancy and the Chicago Arts Coalition.

Since every nonprofit consultant knows the ins-and-outs of nonprofits, TW&B is a trustworthy, effective firm.

Ter Molen Watkins and Brandt is a fundraising consulting firm that can help nonprofits with strategic planning.

Westfall Gold is a fundraising consulting firm designed specifically for major donor events.

7. Westfall Gold

Overview of the consulting firm

Westfall Gold, formerly Westfall Group, is a leading innovator in event consulting.

With a special focus on major donor events, Westfall Gold’s event strategy connects donors to a nonprofit’s mission through careful start-to-finish planning.

⊕ Consulting services

Westfall Gold’s services include:

  • Event consulting
  • Creative services
  • Event services
  • Event speakers
  • Event production

Additionally, Westfall Gold provides a blog chock full of information as well as case studies that anyone can access from their website.

Westfall Gold will make your nonprofit's next major donor event a guaranteed smash.

⊕ Why we love them

With Westfall Gold, every nonprofit receives a senior consultant who will help plan and manage every aspect of your major donor event.

Westfall Gold as a proven track record, having hosted over 300 events that have raised over $500 million.

With 20 years of experience in event consulting, Westfall Gold’s strategy is built and refined through research and donor feedback.

Westfall Gold is a fundraising consulting firm that specializes in nonprofit event management.

Changing Our World is a fundraising consulting firm that can help your nonprofit!

8. Changing Our World

Overview of the consulting firm

Changing Our World is a nonprofit consulting firm that provides counsel to nonprofits around the world to strengthen both business operations and fundraising.

Changing Our World is part of the Omnicom Group, which grants access to a variety of resources and expertise.

⊕ Consulting services

Changing Our World’s services include: 

  • Campaign services
  • Fundraising programs
  • Capacity building

Additionally, they provide resources in thought leadership, including events and webinars.

Changing Our World will get right to the heart of your nonprofit's fundraising strategy with research and analytics.

⊕ Why we love them

Changing Our World puts an emphasis on research and analytics to craft solutions based on reliable data.

With their experience in global philanthropy, Changing Our World has offered nonprofit consulting services to a variety of clients, including UNICEF and World Vision.

Large organizations looking for counsel should consider the fundraising consulting firm Changing Our World.

Ellen Bristol is a fundraising consultant that tries to solve even the smallest challenges.

9. Bristol Strategy Group

Overview of the consulting firm

Bristol Strategy Group provides comprehensive services to nonprofits, including developing solutions, managing marketing, and building relationships with technology companies in the nonprofit sector.

Bristol Strategy Group determines your nonprofit consulting needs with a tailored 3-step process so that they can provide the most targeted, relevant support.

⊕ Consulting services

Bristol Strategy Group offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Board development.
  • Audits.
  • Prospect profiling.

They also have two books on how you can resolve those “pockets of inefficiency” that could be limiting your nonprofit’s fundraising potential.

Ellen Bristol is a fundraising consultant who offers services such as strategic planning.

⊕ Why we love them

Bristol Strategy Group uses their unique SMART Way methodology, which is a set of 10 questions that identifies gaps in your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy.

Plus, the resources section on their website has a library full of information to help your nonprofit succeed.

Learn more about the Ellen Bristol's SMART Way approach on her website.

Jennifer Filla is a fundraising consultant and founded of Aspire Research Group.

10. Aspire Research Group

Overview of the consulting Firm

Aspire Research Group is a prospect research consulting firm with a personal touch. These nonprofit consultants will guide organizations through prospect research or simply offer products and tools, depending on the amount of in-depth training that a nonprofit needs.

Aspire Research Group is committed to their 8 core values, which focus on building deeper donor relationships, growing your program, and using your frontline fundraisers’ inherent strengths and quirks.  

Consulting services

Aspire Research Group offers flexible nonprofit consulting services that can be adapted to fit your organization’s specific needs and goals, from custom solutions to more generalized products.

These services include:

  • Prospect identification (both within and outside of a donor database).
  • Cultivation and solicitation strategies (with basic training, per request).
  • Relationship and prospect management.

Additionally, they provide downloadable prospect profile templates, a free research directory, and how-to publications.

Jennifer Filla provides extensive fundraising consultant services.

Why we recommend them

Since Aspire Research Group’s services can be customized to your organization’s needs, larger nonprofits can simply purchase the products that most benefit them, while smaller nonprofits can receive training to walk them through the prospect research process.

With the versatile options that they offer, your organization can more easily identify the right prospects, ask for the right gift amounts, and meet your major gift goals!

Aspire Research Group is a fundraising consulting firm that helps organizations with prospect research.

InfoRich Group offers top fundraising consultants who can help your nonprofit!

11. InfoRich Group

Overview of the consulting firm

InfoRich Group offers a variety of prospect research services to fit all kinds of budgets and goals.

Their extensive but affordable prospect profiles allow nonprofits to select the level of depth that’s right for their mission.

⊕ Consulting services

InfoRich Group’s services include:

  • Prospect identification and list development for wealthy community members, corporate executives, and philanthropic leaders.
  • Wealth screening for 500 – 7,500 donors.
  • Individual and corporate foundation profiles of varying levels (full, mini, and asset).

In addition to prospect research consultation, they provide fundraising and training services.

InfoRich Group provides extensive fundraising consultant services.

⊕ Why we recommend them

This nonprofit consulting firm is a great asset for smaller nonprofits on a tight budget!

With access to over 25 proprietary, subscription-based databases, InfoRich hosts a wealth of information that can help you identify the top prospects in your donor pool and in your community at large.

InfoRich is a fundraising consulting firm that can help your organization with wealth of screening.

If you're looking for a fundraising consultant that can help your nonprofit with donor communications, then Tom Ahern is your man.

12. Ahern Communications

Overview of the consulting firm

With a solid background in copy-writing, the nonprofit consultants at Ahern Communications can help your nonprofit through the extensive process of planning a capital campaign.

Ahern Communications believes in providing solutions to a nonprofit that are based on research and careful planning. 

 Consulting services

The services at Ahern Communications include:

  • Creating a case for support for your capital campaign.
  • Performing an audit to evaluate the state of your current communications.
  • Writing donor appeal letters.

They also offer workshop and speaking engagements that focus on topics such as training your staff and leadership.

Tom Ahern provides fundraising consultant services such as writing donor appeal letters.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Ahern Communications has helped nonprofit organizations like Boston Animal Rescue League, Center for Constitutional Rights, and The Anchorage Museum.

Additionally, their email newsletter provides nonprofits with valuable fundraising insights.


Learn more about the fundraising consulting services that Tom Ahern offers.

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