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Track down top donors for your next fundraising event with DonorSearch's wealth screening demo!

Whether you’re throwing a black-tie gala or charity auction, or organizing a philanthropic run or walk, planning and executing a fundraising event is a full-time job.

There are simply so many details that you have to keep track of, and oftentimes it can feel overwhelming.

So why not add in an event software program to help you get organized?

There are a variety of different software solutions out there that can assist with everything from donor screening, to charity auction management, to event ticketing and communications.

In this article, we’ll explore the top fundraising event software programs out there to help you plan and execute a successful fundraising event:

  1. DonorSearch – Best for Prospect Research
  2. Double the Donation – Best for Matching Gifts
  3. CharityEngine – Best for Donor Journey Management
  4. Lumaverse – Best for Attendee Data Management
  5. Salsa – Best for Donor Management
  6. OneCause – Best for Charity Auctions
  7. Soapbox Engage – Best for Salesforce Users
  8. Snowball – Best for All-in-One Event Fundraising
  9. InitLive – Best Volunteer and Event Staff Management
  10. Fundly – Best for Collecting Crowdfunding Data
  11. Bonfire – Best for Event Merchandise
  12. Qgiv – Best for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  13. Smartwaiver – Best for Event Waivers
  14. Donately – Best for Online Fundraising
  15. Fonteva – Best for Event Management
  16. Grassroots Unwired – Best for Event Day Logistics
  17. Agilon – Best for Event Payments
  18. DonorPerfect – Best for Managing Invitations
  19. Eventbrite – Best for Startup Nonprofits

No matter which software program you choose, you’ll be well on your way towards taking your fundraising event to new heights.

Let’s get started!


Take a look at DonorSearch's event fundraising software to see how it can help your nonprofit host a stellar event.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

Though not technically an event fundraising software, DonorSearch’s donor screening functions can nevertheless be extremely helpful during and after your organization’s fundraising events.

With DonorSearch, you’re able to screen event attendees to determine their giving capacities.

As a result, you’ll discover which supporters might have the capacity to make large donations in the future so that you can focus more attention on cultivating them. Additionally, DonorSearch’s in-depth analytics and modeling features allow you to accurately predict future giving, thereby informing future fundraising events.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

When researching donor prospects, DonorSearch’s team understands that wealth indicators are only part of the equation.

As a result, DonorSearch examines philanthropic data in conjunction with wealth indicators to provide a more complete view of each individual donor.

Additionally, DonorSearch verifies its findings manually using in-house prospect research professionals, so you can be sure that the information you are getting is 100% accurate.

Example of How You Might Use This Software

Consider how DonorSearch’s software would work for you. Imagine you’re hosting an upcoming fundraising gala. It’s a black-tie event, and it is focused on cultivating relationships with new donors.

You would use DonorSearch’s tools to screen your RSVPs and make a plan for how your staff will target key major giving prospects on the day of the event.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

For budding organizations, DonorSearch offers a public access online giving tool that allows you to screen event attendees for free. To receive access to DonorSearch’s full software platform, contact DonorSearch directly for a quote.

Check out Double the Donation's fundraising event software.

Double the Donation

Event Fundraising Software Overview

While Double the Donation is also not strictly a fundraising event software, it provides a vital service through its universal matching gift tool, which proves essential to ensuring a successful fundraising event.

Attendees are able to ascertain their matching gift eligibility right from your donation form or website.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

Double the Donation’s matching gift tool is completely integrable! No matter what program you used to design your website or donation form, Double the Donation will fit in seamlessly.

From your online donation form to your website, your donors can find and easily use this tool to double their donations for your organization!

Example of How You Might Use This Software

To truly capitalize on matching gifts during events, you’ll want to find a way to tell your attendees that their donations might be match eligible. You could include signs around the event, ask your host to mention it, share the information in your gift receipts, or even have staff make post-event calls to all attendees who donated.

For example, imagine you’re hosting a peer-to-peer fundraising walk for breast cancer research. You would want to make sure all your fundraisers are aware of the matching gift potential and are sharing that information with their donors.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

Double the Donation’s premium package sits at $499/year. Their most extensive matching gift option, 360MatchPro, starts at $3,000/year.

CharityEngine is a top event fundraising software solution for donor journey management.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

CharityEngine is a comprehensive all-in-one nonprofit platform designed to help organizations develop a complete management strategy. This means nonprofits can easily incorporate fundraising and event management with CharityEngine’s built-in tools.

Instead of only helping with the fundraising aspect of events, CharityEngine offers tools to help nonprofits with every aspect of hosting their next event. From peer-to-peer fundraising to venue management, CharityEngine has got you covered.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

When you use the same solution to manage speakers, venue, and auctions as well as your fundraising initiatives like peer-to-peer fundraising and ticket sales, your nonprofit can better plan and execute every aspect of your event.

Plus, their top-of-the-line software ensures your supporters have an easy registration process, kicking off the donor journey right!

Example of How You Might Use This Software

With CharityEngine, you can easily compare your current event plan with your last event to estimate the outcome. Then, you can see how that will impact the rest of your strategy. If you host a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, you can compare that strategy with your last campaign to estimate if you’ll raise as much as you need.

Then, use this estimate to plan the other aspects of your event. For instance, if you know you’ll be a bit behind on fundraising according to that estimate, you can adjust your ticket prices as necessary and incorporate a fundraising auction into your event. You can do all of this in the same software solution, keeping your nonprofit well-organized every step of the way.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

Contact CharityEngine to get a quote for their comprehensive nonprofit software.

Lumaverse is one of our favorite event fundraising software providers.Lumaverse

Event Fundraising Software Overview

Lumaverse Technologies is a comprehensive technology company that is constantly looking for new ways to improve nonprofit operations. When it comes to event fundraising software, their attendee data management solution can’t be beaten.

Through Lumaverse, organizations can quickly and easily create events, send engaging invitations, track registrations, sell tickets, and accept donations (including text-to-give) for any upcoming fundraisers. Plus, you can collect attendee data from registration forms and leverage those insights to create targeted, successful marketing materials to drive event success.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

Lumaverse encompasses a variety of nonprofit software solutions that don’t stop at traditional event management (although they do provide nonprofits with event scheduling, ticketing, waitlisting, and automated reminder capabilities). When you invest in an all-inclusive platform like this, you can save time, money, and effort throughout the entire event-planning process thanks to innovative technology and seamless integrations.

Further, their easily integrable platform includes a crowdfunding website that allows users to raise money alongside their fundraising event, a volunteer sign up tool to make sure your dedicated helpers are in place, as well as a number of other intuitive nonprofit solutions.

Example of How You Might Use This Software

To maximize the impact of an intuitive event attendee management solution like Lumaverse, you can automatically collect and store attendee data in your CRM Then, going forward, you’ll have accurate records of who has attended which fundraising events, and even whether attendees are current members or new prospects. Be sure to pay special attention to attendees who have shown outstanding engagement so you can appeal to them for future opportunities.

For example, imagine you have a key contributor who has attended nearly every one of your fundraising events over the past few years and made significant donations to your organization. You’d definitely want to make sure that individual gets a customized invitation to your upcoming event. With Lumaverse CRM for Nonprofits, you can send automated reminders, thank you’s, and invitations to all your most active contributors. 

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

Lumaverse’s fundraising event management software begins at only $100/month for nonprofits or $65/month for K-12 schools. Plus, you can get started with our flagship product, SignUpGenius, for free!

OneCause offers a whole suit of event mangagment and ticketing software to help your organization succeed.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

Though Salsa is mostly known for its comprehensive nonprofit CRM solution, its donor management software has event features as well. Because Salsa’s CRM gives you so much information about your donors, it’s a cinch to organize and manage specific events.

With Salsa, nonprofits can create and manage peer-to-peer fundraising events, or create event registration forms within the software.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

For most nonprofit fundraising events, the more information you have access to, the better.

Using Salsa allows organizations to see a complete picture of their donors, including giving levels, previous event attendance, and contact/communication information — all of which can inform event management so that it’s tailored to donors’ needs and interests.

Example of How You Might Use This Software

Salsa’s event management software is most helpful when used in conjunction with its other features.

For example, if your organization uses Salsa’s CRM and is planning a fundraising event, you can ensure data transfer is seamless by using the Salsa event registration feature.

Then, when attendees sign up for your fundraising event, their info and data automatically filters back into your Salsa CRM database for future use.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

Contact Salsa for more information on the cost of their event fundraising software.

OneCause offers a whole suit of event mangagment and ticketing software to help your organization succeed.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

OneCause is known primarily for its robust charity auction software, but it also offers more general event management software that works great for all types of fundraising events!

OneCause’s powerful technologies offer the ability to handle ticketing, registration, checkout, payments, event management, and reporting — all within one streamlined platform.

Additionally, OneCause gives your event staff the ability to capture attendee information, track registrations in real time, and accept payments for tickets or bids in one place, either via computer or mobile device.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

OneCause’s fundraising event software centralizes all the typical components of event fundraising into one software solution, making it easy to manage all aspects of your fundraising event.

OneCause also offers full integration with all major social media sites, allowing you to share your fundraising events with the broader online community.

Even better, with OneCause, you can manage an unlimited number of annual events — all for the same price.

Example of How You Might Use This Software

Wondering when and how to use this software? The answer is straightforward… for any fundraising event you host. OneCause’s comprehensive event management features mean that if you’re hosting a fundraiser, you can use OneCause.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

OneCause offers three different packages that vary in the services they offer. Contact OneCause to get a quote for your organization’s needs.

Soapbox Engage offers top fundraising event software for Salesforce users.

Soapbox Engage

Event Fundraising Software Overview

Soapbox Engage offers a full suite of nonprofit apps for organizations that use Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM. One of its top apps is designed to help you streamline the event registration and management process.

It can be overwhelming trying to choose from the many Salesforce event registration apps out there, especially for smaller organizations just getting started with the platform.

With the Soapbox Engage Events App, you get all the core features you need without complicated configuration steps. It’s easy to get started creating unlimited event registration pages and set custom ticketing options while ensuring all your important data gets reported directly to Salesforce.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

Salesforce is a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations, but it can be tricky for small organizations to build out an effective and affordable toolkit of apps. Soapbox Engage tackles this challenge head-on with their suite of Salesforce-integrated tools.

Their Events App is a great example. Hosting events is already a logistical challenge, and their easy-to-use registration and ticketing app is the fastest way to get up and running with an integrated, online sign-up process.

Plus, with more direct access to your registration data, it’s easier to adapt your event planning and management strategies in real time. 

Example of How You Might Use This Software

Use this software if you’re a small to mid-size organization on the Salesforce CRM platform. There’s no easier or more affordable way to quickly set up integrated event registration pages that report data directly to your database.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

The Soapbox Engage Events App is only $49/month for nonprofit organizations. Check out their unlimited package for access to the whole suite of Salesforce apps.

Snowball offers effective all-in-one event fundraising software for nonprofits of all sizes.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

Snowball Fundraising is a leader in easy-to-use, all-in-one fundraising tech for growing nonprofits. Keeping the donation process streamlined and fast is their top priority. For their nonprofit customers, that focus on simplicity and speed has translated into increased revenue and improved conversion rates!

The Snowball suite of tools includes a number of configurable features, including:

  • Online donation pages
  • Text-to-give tools
  • Fundraising thermometers
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities

Most importantly for your event, though, Snowball offers intuitive ticketing tools built right into their donation suite. This means you won’t need to invest in multiple platforms when one comprehensive solution handles it all.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

Snowball’s donation and ticketing tools stand out because they’re all designed with speed and simplicity in mind. They understand that a streamlined donation or transaction process that respects the donor’s time is the single best investment you can make in a future relationship with that donor.

By keeping things simple and focusing only on the necessaries, you lay the foundations for continued, long-term engagement with donors. More complicated tools that create lengthy transaction processes can turn away more donors and guests than you might think.

Plus, Snowball’s tools are as easy for your donors to use as they are for your team to configure. They’re a straightforward way to get started with online ticketing and fundraising quickly.

Example of How You Might Use This Software

Use Snowball’s donation and ticketing tools if you need an all-in-one solution to support your next event. These tools are customizable to suit your needs, but also streamlined to keep the focus solely on securing new guests and donations.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

The event ticketing tools are included in the Snowball Premium package, which costs $549/year. This package includes the entire Snowball suite of digital fundraising features, including text-to-give.

InitLive offers the top event software for volunteer and staff management.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

InitLive is an all-in-one volunteer and event staff management platform that’s designed to help organizations reduce administrative time. This powerful platform keeps organizers and staff connected, informed, and empowered to make changes quickly during events.

Whether you’re running a nonprofit program with 50 volunteers or an event with 5,000 staff members, InitLive can help you streamline your management processes and launch you toward your goals.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

Today, InitLive is the only scheduling, recruitment, and real-time communications tool designed for both live events and day-to-day programming. Its ability to be fully customized enables organizations to configure the system to their specifications and maximize the software’s potential. This includes pre-configuring permission levels, form questions, groups, and much more.

Plus, they have a free mobile app that empowers your team to stay connected throughout the entire event and handle any challenges discreetly.

Example of How You Might Use This Software

When you’re ramping up for your next fundraising event, InitLive will help you line up the ideal team to set your event up for success.

Start by recruiting an exceptional team of skilled volunteers through a customizable registration form. Then, roster your team based on qualifications and availability with intuitive scheduling tools to make sure no shift goes unfilled.

At the event, use the mobile app to track staff and volunteer check-ins, manage the schedule, assign new tasks, and communicate in real-time. This way, you can pull off your fundraising event without a hitch!

Once your event wraps up, use the robust reporting features to continually improve event operations. Review key metrics like hours worked, shift attendance, and communication logs, so you can improve operational efficiency for your future events!

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

The price to use InitLive depends on the amount of staff and events you’ll be organizing. Contact their sales team for a quote.

Check out Fundly's event fundraising software can help your nonprofit conquer your next fundraising event.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

Fundly’s main product is its crowdfunding capabilities, but did you know that it also offers CRM software?

With Fundly’s CRM, you’ll receive a one-stop shop for everything donor-related — including a robust fundraising dashboard.

This allows users to view registration trends, create recurring events, integrate box office ticketing, and customize tickets and receipts.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

Fundly’s CRM also comes with email marketing functionality to help you publicize and promote your fundraising events to your supporter base.

Additionally, because Fundly’s event management software is included within the larger CRM, you don’t have to worry about data migration or having to re-enter information.

The software is a great option for nonprofits that are looking for a complete, yet affordable, solution.

Example of How You Might Use This Software

Imagine your organization raises money to combat cancer and you’ve organized a silent auction to raise money and awareness. With Fundly’s CRM software, you can manage the event planning and registration. And with Fundly’s crowdfunding software, you can hold an online fundraiser as a lead-up to the event.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

Fundly’s CRM software comes in a variety of packages, the lowest of which starts at $55/month. Of course, any nonprofit can start a crowdfunding campaign for free!

Take a look at Bonfire's fundraising event software.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

Bonfire’s revolutionary event fundraising software allows your organization sell merchandise!

Bonfire provides your nonprofit with an extensive catalog of merchandise that you can design and customize for your event and to your donors’ liking!

With all different sizes, styles, colors, and fits, your organization can sell multiple products so every supporter gets their favorite shirt, tank top, or sweatshirt.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

Bonfire is so easy to use you’ll have your campaign set up in just a few minutes.

You’ll first choose the products you want to sell, then you’ll upload photos or design your shirt on Bonfire, you’ll set your selling prices, and lastly, you’ll set the dates for your campaign and customize your webpage. It’s as simple as that!

Example of How You Might Use This Software

To promote your upcoming fundraising event, your organization can sell promotional t-shirts. Spread the word about your Bonfire campaign via social media and email!

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

Bonfire is completely free! They charge an 8% fee on additional donations made at checkout and shipping is a flat rate fee of $5 for anywhere in the U.S.

Qgiv's event fundraising software platform makes it easy to manage events and accept on-site donations.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

Qgiv offers a slew of event fundraising solutions to handle your nonprofit’s needs from planning through execution.

Your team can register supporters, launch peer-to-peer fundraisers, accept gifts on-site, and collect donations via text-to-give.

No matter what kind of fundraising events your nonprofit hosts, you’ll be able to find a solution to fit your needs.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

We love Qgiv’s event fundraising platform because it gives nonprofits the tools they need to make giving convenient for their supporters.

With their online donation forms, supporters can easily make a gift from the comfort of their computer. If they decide to give on-the-go, they can also contribute using their smartphone.

Some supporters will want to give on-site at the event, and Qgiv has a handheld kiosk solution to meet those donors where they are.

Example Of How You Might Use This Software

If your nonprofit hosts a walkathon, Qgiv has a whole ecosystem of solutions to help you reach supporters across the board. You can use their peer-to-peer fundraising tools to leverage the support of your constituency before the event. At the event, you can accept gifts via phone or handheld kiosk.

Pricing Of This Event Fundraising Software

Qgiv’s fundraising software plans start at just $0/month with a 3.95% + $0.30 transaction fee.

Smartwaiver is a top event fundraising software solution.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

While not a fundraising software per se, Smartwaiver offers software that helps organizations create custom waivers for adventurous events. With Smartwaiver, your nonprofit can create digital waivers that embed into your website so that your next event is safer than ever!

Make signing a waiver a part of the event registration process so that participants can sign ahead of time and be ready to roll when it’s time for the event. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

With Smartwaiver, your nonprofit can use the online Waiver Editor to make sure your waiver is customized with your brand’s colors, logos, and fonts. Then, you can save the waiver as a template for future similar events!

The robust editing capabilities of this software allow your nonprofit to add multiple initial and signature boxes into the body of the waiver. Plus you can set up as many custom questions as you need and flag participants when a specific answer is chosen.

Add a safety or instructional video to the digital waiver signing process so that your participants are as prepared as possible for their upcoming adventure!

Example Of How You Might Use This Software

If your nonprofit is hosting an event like a 5K, you might decide to require participants to fill out a liability waiver. You could edit the waiver to include all of the custom fields and questions you need then make it available from your event registration page. You should also make sure participants can sign the waiver from the event itself with a mobile kiosk.

While they’re signing, you can enable auto photo capture tools to take a picture of the person signing the waiver as an additional identification tool.

Check people into the event to make sure all of your participants have signed the required waiver. 

Pricing Of This Event Fundraising Software

All of Smartwaiver’s plans include all of their amazing features. Their basic plan includes 100 new signed waivers each month and starts at $15 per month. As you grow in the number of new signed waivers you need each month, you can upgrade your plan.

Donately's convenient and intuitive event fundraising tools work well for nonprofits of all sizes.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

Donately is a comprehensive online fundraising software platform that connects nonprofits with easy-to-use, seamless fundraising tools.

With Donately’s giving platform, giving forms are easily customizable and can be embedded right in your nonprofit’s website.

Using their in-person donation forms, your organization can accept gifts at fundraising events without hassle. Since they also offer peer-to-peer fundraising, you can call on supporters to fundraise on behalf of your cause leading up to the event.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

We love Donately because their donation form builder is easy to navigate, no matter your online fundraising experience.

Since their software integrates with all your favorite apps, you’ll never miss out on leveraging important donor data that you collected at your fundraising event.

Example Of How You Might Use This Software

All you need to do to launch a beautiful donation page is use their intuitive design tool. In minutes, you’ll have a compelling page that your donors can access anywhere. When you accept gifts in-person that correlate with your ongoing fundraising campaigns, that data seamlessly integrates so you’re never in the dark about your fundraising progress.

Pricing Of This Event Fundraising Software

Donately charges just 3% on your first $100k in fundraising proceeds; after that, their rates go lower as you reach big fundraising benchmarks.

Fonteva's event fundraising software is designed specifically for nonprofits.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

With event management software designed specifically for nonprofits on Salesforce, Fonteva’s solution is a unique, yet comprehensive option for nonprofits who want a streamlined, intuitive event integration.

Their ideal Fonteva Events software allows your nonprofit to manage everything that goes into a fundraising event from one, convenient platform like:  

  • Event set up, registration, and attendee management.
  • Speakers, sponsors, and venues management.
  • Connection to over 90 payment processors.
  • Mobile-ready event marketing.

Fonteva’s software also lets you coordinate all your fundraising event details from one place to help run any event smoothly. A native platform, Fonteva Events is built on top of Salesforce so that data is integrated in one system.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

Fonteva’s dynamic software naturally integrates with the Salesforce platform, making your event management software swift and easy to use.

Their software is also always up-to-date and features customizable and branded registration pages. To top if off, Fonteva gladly handles all maintenance and upgrades of their Cloud-based software at no cost to your nonprofit!

Example of How You Might Use This Software

If you’re a Salesforce user, you can and should use Fonteva for all your event needs. Because the software is comprehensive, you should have no issue organizing your event, from start to finish.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

Fonteva Events lets you manage all your fundraising events — large or small, free or paid — for just one annual fee. There’s also no software to install and three free upgrades per year!

Check out Grassroots Unwired’s event fundraising software to see how it can help you succeed on event day.

Grassroots Unwired

Event Fundraising Software Overview

Grassroots Unwired is known for its groundbreaking end-to-end solutions for advocacy and canvassing. But when their team discovered their clients needed a better way to handle day-of execution for fundraising events, they answered the call.

4EventDay is a powerful, offline-enabled mobile app designed to take care of everything organizers need on event day. The app can speed up check-in and registration for participants, handle data, and process payments for donations and merchandise—creating a better experience for all.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

With 4EventDay, you can stop worrying about paper forms or sifting through cash and checks. These streamlined processes will help you get more out of participants and spectators on event day. Plus, it syncs with your CRM in real-time and can integrate with popular fundraising platforms like TeamRaiser, Rallybound, and DonorDrive.

Example of How You Might Use This Software

Consider you’ve spent months planning a peer-to-peer fundraising event that culminates in a 5K run. The event fundraising software you’ve been using was perfect for the weeks leading up to the event, but you also need a solution to get you to the finish line.

The 4EventDay app can help you execute critical day-of responsibilities with accuracy and ease. It’s especially perfect for checking participants in and managing new registrations.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

Reach out to the Grassroots Unwired team for pricing information on 4EventDay.

Agilon's event fundraising software will help organize and manage your nonprofit's next fundraising event.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

Agilon’s event management software equips nonprofits with all of the tools they need to plan and execute successful fundraising events.

Agilon’s events module allows you to promote your event across multiple marketing channels, automate event calendars and registration, streamline invitations and guest lists, track important dates and contacts, and more.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

Agilon’s event software was designed in partnership with foundations to enable the best experience possible for donors.

The software leverages donor preferences and relationships to make it easy for donors to RSVP, pay, and include donations or merchandise purchases with a single transaction.

Example of How You Might Use This Software

Like many of the other software options on this list, you can use Agilon’s event module for top-to-bottom event management.

To maximize the fundraising efficacy of your Agilon software, embed a tool like 360MatchPro into your donation page. 360MatchPro will even automate your follow-up with attendees who are matching gifts eligible, which can drastically increase the success of your event.

With a matching gifts option included in the streamlined RSVP/pay/donate page, you can easily follow up with the necessary resources for your attendees to maximize the impact of their gifts.

Pricing of this Event Fundraising Software

Contact Agilon directly to request a quote.

DonorPerfect's event fundraising software helps track every movement of your event so you can improve your fundraising strategies.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

DonorPerfect’s fundraising growth platform houses a bevy of crucial tools and software to help augment your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts, including a robust events management unit.

This software can help you manage fundraising event details; track expenses; generate and manage invitations, RSVPs, and payments; and export guest contact information.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

DonorPerfect is a company built for nonprofit professionals, by nonprofit professionals.

This means that DonorPerfect fundamentally understands the unique needs of nonprofits, meaning they are better equipped to address them.

Example of How You Might Use This Software

Since this software is designed to work in conjunction with other donor management tools from DonorPerfect, you could use this event management software to ensure that your event is more than just a one-off fundraiser. Instead, you can see to it that your event builds on your previous donor knowledge and positions your organization for better future growth.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

DonorPerfect offers several different software packages to meet your nonprofit’s needs and budget. They range in price from $159 per month to $459 per month.

Eventbrite's event fundraising software will help your organization market and promote your event.


Event Fundraising Software Overview

You’ve probably used Eventbrite to purchase tickets to shows or other specialty events, but did you know that you can use it to create your own fundraising events?

Eventbrite’s event software is as easy as creating a page and promoting it.

The interface is simple and user-friendly, and Eventbrite offers a number of integration options ranging from payment processors to charity auction software to crowdfunding software.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

Eventbrite’s software is truly a one-stop shop for managing every single detail of your events, including such nuances as the type of ticket you’ll provide or designing an interactive map of your venue.

Even better, Eventbrite offers a discounted rate to registered nonprofits that are looking to use their service.

Example of How You Might Use This Software

Eventbrite is a superb option for nonprofits that have not yet invested in their own donor management software (which typically comes with its own events features). If your organization is small and/or new, Eventbrite will give you all the tools you need to organize a fundraiser.

Pricing of This Event Fundraising Software

Eventbrite charges a service fee of 2.5% + 99¢ per ticket sold, plus a payment processing fee of 3% of the ticket price. However, if you are designing a free event, Eventbrite’s services are free!

These fundraising event software options each provide slightly different benefits to your organization, but all of them will help catapult your fundraising event to new heights of success!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to make your next fundraising event a hit, check out these additional resources:

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