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Integrate Your Prospect Data and Raise More

Integrate your prospect data in your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system to build your strongest gift-closing strategies.  When your data is integrated you have financial capacity, linkage (to your organization), and affinity information at your fingertips.


Prospect data integration combines external and internal information in one place: the prospect’s record in your CRM.   

When you integrate your prospect data, your fundraising team gets a holistic view of each prospect that they can use to better understand the capacity and motivations of each individual, make an effective plan, and raise more money.  

The benefits of integrating prospect data


Consider integrating these characteristics:

External Data:

  • Wealth:  Net worth, asset values, income, business revenues
  • Outside philanthropy:  Gifts to other causes
  • Demographics: Household size, age, spouse
  • Capacity and affinity ratings: Vendor ratings based on client-supplied and external data.

Internal Data:

These are data points you may already have in your prospect’s CRM record.  Most fundraising CRMs have a screen or module for prospect and engagement information, such as:

  • Giving history: Dates, amounts, and designations of gifts to your organization
  • Engagement history: Events attended, volunteer roles and dates of service, past visits and solicitations, etc.
  • Internal or past capacity and likelihood ratings
  • Experiences unique to your organization: Fraternity/Sorority membership at a university, treatment received from a healthcare organization
SAMPLE custom prospect data screen in DS 360io app for Salesforce
Here are just a few of the fields you see in the custom
prospect data screen in the DonorSearch 360io app for Salesforce.

* NOTE: Some vendor integrations may not have custom screens for the external data. Instead, the data points are mapped and imported into specific fields in the prospect’s record (e.g., attributes in Raiser’s Edge).

Prospect data integration puts actionable insights in one place.  It gives you the power to plan and ACT with precision. 

To boost YOUR fundraising by integrating prospect data, be sure to read our 11.25.21 post, “4 Best Practices for Prospect Data Integration.


DonorSearch has 30+ custom CRM integrations ready for you to import actionable insights and pull current data from within your CRM.


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