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Wealth Screening Tools: 9 Top Picks to Unlock New Donors

Supporter relationships are at the heart of any nonprofit’s long-term success and sustainability. As you reach out to prospective donors, you’re not just trying to inspire them to give once. You want to secure their long-term investment in your mission. To make the most of your fundraising efforts, you need to identify individuals who are most likely to feel passionate about your cause and capable of contributing. This is where wealth screening tools come in handy.

According to Giving USA’s 2022 review, out of $499.33 billion in charitable contributions given by Americans in the last year, 64% came from individual donors. Furthermore, 80% of donations come from just 20% of donors. Wealth screening tools allow you to pinpoint donors in this valuable 20% range so you can streamline your stewardship processes and secure essential funding for your mission.

In this guide, we’ll walk through our top recommended tools for improving your wealth screening process and boosting your results. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Wealth screening is a vital aspect of discovering potential major donors for your nonprofit, allowing you to generate the revenue you need to meet your fundraising goals. Ready to start cultivating these crucial relationships? Start by equipping your team with the tools for success.

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Wealth Screening Tools: FAQs

If your nonprofit has never worked with advanced wealth screening tools before, it can be challenging to picture where they’ll fit into your specific prospect research and fundraising strategy.

For more guidance on which tools to invest in and how to make the most of them, explore these frequently asked questions:

What are the benefits of using wealth screening software?

Think about it: Nonprofits can have hundreds to millions of donor records stored in their databases. That’s a lot of individual profiles for your team to sift through manually. Wealth screening tools eliminate that burden while helping your nonprofit use its donor information to its fullest potential.

The main benefits of using wealth screening software are:

Five main benefits of using wealth screening tools for nonprofits, explained below.
  • Enhanced prospect research. Wealth screening tools take multiple philanthropic, capacity, and affinity indicators into account to zero in on the most promising prospects for your nonprofit. This minimizes the guesswork on your team’s end and maximizes the valuable information and patterns you collect on each prospect.
  • Enriched donor data. Your donor data serves as an important foundation for your prospect research efforts. The top wealth screening software and services will pull from a variety of databases to ensure that your information is as clean and up-to-date as possible.
  • Better understanding of donor wealth and philanthropic capacity. Donors have varying capacities for giving to your nonprofit. By uncovering factors such as their business affiliations and real estate ownership, wealth screening tools allow you to deepen your understanding of which donors have the strongest ability and desire to support your mission.
  • Targeted fundraising. By using top-of-the-line wealth screening tools, your nonprofit can tap into fundraising intelligence that makes it easy to figure out your most important funding priorities and build meaningful relationships with prospects.
  • Improved resource allocation. While your nonprofit may have many donors in its database, only a select number of them will be perfect candidates for your major donor program. Wealth screening tools narrow down your prospect list to ensure that you’re allocating resources to where they’ll drive the most results.

By leveraging the wealth screening tools available to your nonprofit, you’ll be able to save your staff time and effort that they can devote to other critical aspects of your mission.

What types of data will wealth screening software look at?

Despite its simplistic name, there’s a lot that goes into wealth screening. Some of the specific details that your wealth screening tools will analyze include:

Summary of various types of data that wealth screening software will analyze to identify potential prospects for your nonprofit.
  • Income
  • Real estate ownership
  • Stock ownership
  • Political giving history
  • Business affiliations
  • Past charitable contributions

These factors, when examined individually and holistically, will reveal which of your donors are most promising for your fundraising pursuits.

Make the most of your wealth screening software by downloading our free guide to nailing prospect research for your nonprofit.

What are some other wealth screening resources?

If your nonprofit’s staff members want to dip their toes in and do some more hands-on wealth screening, there are a few publicly available resources for uncovering details about your donors, such as:

Beyond LinkedIn, social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram can provide more personal information about your prospects, including hobbies and interests, that can supplement your database. Compiling all of this data, however, can be time-consuming—which is why many nonprofits turn to wealth screening tools to lighten the load.

9 Best Wealth Screening Tools for Nonprofits

In today’s fast-paced world, there always seems to be an innovative feature or new piece of technology coming out. From AI fundraising software to cryptocurrency donation platforms, there are plenty of promising tools that your nonprofit can explore to enhance its existing strategies.

If you’re looking for a more effective and efficient wealth screening process, consider investing in these cutting-edge tools and resources:

1. DonorSearch: Best Wealth Screening & Prospect Research Tool

DonorSearch’s wealth screening software provides a comprehensive view of your donors beyond just limited wealth details. We’ll consider each prospect’s philanthropic indicators such as gifts made to other nonprofits, capacity indicators like real estate ownership, and affinity indicators such as their connection to your cause. Then, our state-of-the-art AI tool will produce accurate, actionable insights for honing your fundraising efforts.

Screenshot of DonorSearch’s solutions page, which features the top wealth screening tool available to nonprofits.

DonorSearch’s wealth screening services include:

  • Access to the world’s largest philanthropic database. All your nonprofit has to do is provide us with your donor information. From there, we’ll tap into dozens of wealth databases and the largest charitable giving database in the world to provide new key findings about your prospects.
  • DonorSearch Ai insights. As the most advanced machine learning tool developed for the nonprofit sector, DonorSearch Ai will augment your donor data, spot existing patterns, and make game-changing predictions about donors who are ready and willing to give to your cause.
  • Prospect verification. Our wealth screening software is the only solution that manually verifies your top prospects to ensure that you’re pinpointing the right individuals for your outreach strategy. Furthermore, our experts will review any record of your choosing to maximize the accuracy of your prospect research.
  • Client support at any stage of your screening. Wealth screening is a necessary process for your nonprofit’s sustained fundraising success. At any point during the process, our client success team is ready to answer questions and provide prompt support tailored to your nonprofit’s specific needs at no additional cost.

We’ve supported over 10,000 nonprofits of all sizes in their journeys to build more strategic, impactful relationships with donors. Our proprietary algorithm and datasets have an accuracy rate of 90-100% (the highest in the industry), allowing you to act on your donor data with confidence.

For a better understanding of how our wealth screening tools can empower your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts, check out this brief video on the Wildlife Conservation Society’s experience:

As the video highlights, DonorSearch can help your nonprofit screen millions of records to identify individuals such as lapsed donors or major prospects, equipping you with the insights to tailor your communications and outreach.

Click through to get a demo of DonorSearch, one of the best wealth screening tools to support your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts.

2. 360MatchPro: Software for Identifying Match-Eligible Donors

Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro makes it easy to uncover donors who work for companies with matching gift programs, allowing you to increase your fundraising revenue without having to solicit additional gifts from your supporters. Many companies will match their employees’ donations to nonprofits at a 1:1 ratio, meaning you can receive double the amount for every eligible gift made to your organization.

Your nonprofit can secure more matching gifts with 360MatchPro by:

  • Accessing a database of nearly 24,500 companies with matching gift and volunteer grant programs.
  • Adding a company search tool to your donation page.
  • Creating automated emails that send matching gift forms and instructions directly to your eligible donors.
Screenshot of Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro page, a type of wealth screening software that nonprofits can use to earn more matching gifts.

3. NPOInfo: Nonprofit Data Enrichment Service

NPOInfo will fill in any missing gaps in your current donor database to provide your nonprofit with more key details for prospect outreach, follow-up communications with donors, and stewardship efforts.

NPOInfo’s data append services pull from reliable, external data sources to supply your nonprofit with essential donor information such as:

  • Employers and job roles
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Dates of birth
  • Mailing addresses
Screenshot of NPOInfo’s home page, which describes how nonprofits can use NPOInfo as a wealth screening tool to fill in gaps in their donor database.

4. Giveffect: All-in-One Software for Major Gift Fundraising

Giveffect is a comprehensive nonprofit software solution that includes broad features to meet a variety of nonprofit needs, including volunteer management, marketing, and wealth screening. The platform integrates with some of the most innovative tools in the sector, including wealth screening with DonorSearch.

Giveffect facilitates your wealth screening process by:

  • Integrating with DonorSearch to analyze key donor wealth markers.
  • Generating comprehensive reports with data such as income and relationships with other nonprofits.
  • Supporting major gift officers with features for flagging and tracking prospect cultivation.
Screenshot of Giveffect’s major gifts and wealth screening software page.

5. Bloomerang: CRM for Storing Your Wealth Screening Data

Bloomerang is one of the most popular donor management CRMs for nonprofits, built to help you boost your fundraising revenue while nurturing strong, long-term relationships with supporters. Plus, Bloomerang partners with DonorSearch to provide a “Generosity Score” for every individual in your database to see how inclined and capable they are to make a major gift to your nonprofit.

The CRM offers a host of additional features to enhance your wealth screening process, including:

  • An interactive dashboard for monitoring your donors and retention rate.
  • A timeline that displays each individual’s interaction history with your nonprofit.
  • An engagement score for each supporter, based on their giving and volunteering history.
Screenshot of Bloomerang, one of the top wealth screening tools for nonprofits to consider investing in.

6. Chase Solutions: Experts for Affordable Prospect Research

Chase Solutions has spent nearly 30 years providing prospect research and wealth intelligence services to the nonprofit sector, making the consulting firm a powerful resource for nonprofits who want to make the most of their wealth screening process. Additionally, Chase Solutions has specialized experience with managing client DonorSearch accounts, reviewing screening results, and integrating them into the CRM.

There are several ways in which Chase Solutions can support your wealth screening process, such as:

  • Auditing your nonprofit’s current prospecting and research approach.
  • Developing a system for regularly screening your donor records.
  • Training your staff members on prospect research and its best practices.
Screenshot of Chase Solutions, a consulting firm that can help your nonprofit make the most of its wealth screening tools.

7. Campbell & Company: Partners for Detailed Prospect Profiles

Campbell & Company is a consulting firm that focuses on fundraising, data, and donor engagement for nonprofits. These consultants are well-versed in helping their clients maintain clean, up-to-date donor information that they can use to identify major prospects and tailor their fundraising outreach.

Campbell & Company’s areas of expertise are:

  • Identifying new prospective donors based on wealth, philanthropy, and other affinity markers.
  • Qualifying prospects based on their assets and interests.
  • Building comprehensive research profiles on individuals, corporations, or foundations.
Screenshot of Campbell & Company’s website, which details how the consulting firm can support your nonprofit’s wealth screening process.

8. Brian Lacy and Associates: Consulting Firm for Data Services

Brian Lacy and Associates is a fundraising and data services firm that can augment your nonprofit’s existing donor data and extract insights to identify new fundraising prospects. These consultants have worked with universities, faith-based organizations, healthcare institutions, and other nonprofits to update and clean their databases.

By reaching out to Brian Lacy and Associates, your nonprofit can improve its wealth screening results with:

  • Employment appending
  • Matching gift fundraising support
  • Prospect list rentals
Screenshot of Brian Lacy and Associates, a consulting firm that provides various wealth screening tools to help nonprofits identify new prospects.

9. The Covenant Group: Wealth Screening Consultants for Churches

The Covenant Group has over two decades of experience in supporting churches and nonprofits with their fundraising goals. This consulting firm will screen your mailing list against its databases to identify major donor prospects and even offers a free test analysis on a sample file of up to 500 randomly selected donors.

In addition to wealth screening, The Covenant Group can boost your organization’s fundraising efforts by:

  • Supporting your capital campaign planning and execution.
  • Creating a focused strategic plan.
  • Producing marketing materials tailored to your audience members.
Screenshot of the Covenant Group, a consulting firm that provides wealth screening services to churches and nonprofits.

Final Thoughts

With high-quality wealth screening tools like DonorSearch at your side, your nonprofit will be more equipped than ever to make data-driven decisions regarding its prospect outreach and fundraising efforts. Take the time to consider your staff resources and budget as you build out your prospect research toolkit. Then, check out customer reviews and free demos to get a better idea of where each tool will fit into your strategy.

If you’d like to learn about more tips and tools that will help you raise funds more efficiently and effectively for your nonprofit, check out these additional resources:

Click through to get a free demo of DonorSearch and start tapping into one of the top wealth screening tools available.

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