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By DonorSearch

Big shops are unique when it comes to building and managing prospect portfolios:

There are many [fundraiser] mouths to feed — whether they’re working for a college/school, division in your health system, or simply cover a region, they all need prospects.
There are multiple campaigns going on simultaneously.
There is a large, central pool of constituents that needs to be refined.

Consistent and coherent Initiative- or program-based fundraising from a central pool of prospects can be tricky. Your efforts need to be coordinated, and, more importantly, your interactions need to be meaningful.

DonorSearch clients have a distinct advantage, in that we deliver the key intelligence (proven philanthropy, markers of capacity, etc.) and portfolio building and management tools that make winning big possible. Here’s how they’re winning:


  • Screening the Donor/Prospect Base: Collect detailed information on both wealth AND philanthropy. The giving information is critical–where a donor has given before tells you what purpose they’re likely to connect with at your organization.
  • Seed the User Fields of Your Screening File: Include things like degree area, division affiliation, etc. to aid in refining your results. ALSO dedicate a BLANK column to the portfolio assignment.


Use Keyword Search to Examine Past Giving

This functionality will segment prospect populations by their specific giving interests, like fundraising sector and organization name.

Filter by Rating

Use the DonorSearch ratings for capacity, loyalty, and likelihood to fill out a gift chart or portfolio with the prospects you need for each initiative.  This has the added values of gauging your $$ goal feasibility and building prospect lists for Annual or Mid-Level Fundraising.

Segment by Region/Zip

Regional fundraisers–and event planners!–will benefit from this.


  • Refine lists and assign prospects from within the DonorSearch My Portfolio module.
  • Add specific assignment ‘codes’ to one of the user columns to minimize confusion.
  • Subscribe to DonorSearch’s Sub-Account service which allows you to control access and view–sub-accounts will only see the finished product so they can take quick action.
  • Establish prospect management guidelines and policies.


  1. Up-load the portfolios — with ratings and assignment codes, along with the new information from your screening — to your CRM.
  2. Teach a fundraiser to fish. When you deliver the portfolios by DS sub-account, train your users to
    1. View their lists using a role-based layout — so they focus on the philanthropic indicators.
    2. Edit and annotate the individual profile with photos and strategic talking points.
    3. Use the DonorSearch ProspectView platform…So they can do additional prospecting on their own!

The biggest takeaway for Playing Big is focusing on PHILANTHROPY – it is the most direct route to identifying prospects for specific purposes, so you can win BIG.